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    Indigenous Anarchism is a Libertarian Left variant of post-colonial anarchism that believes in creating a kind of anti-colonial nationalist anarchist society after they topple over the oppressive colonialists. Many argue that anarchism had been the traditional structure of indigenous people across the Americas for generations such as with the Haudanoshonee Confederacy. And seek to rebirth it in the modern day. And eventually, form a borderless society in a Globnat.png confederation of indigenous nations and cultures without globalization akin to their traditionally held beliefs. Even if that fight means fighting against other anarchists who do not care for their struggle. Although they advocate for the protection of their traditions, they argue their traditions are based on promoting progress rather than more conservative principles and support values such as LGBT+ rights and equal rights between women and men. Although they advocate for traditions, they follow traditions somewhat similar to Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism in that they believe their teachings should seek to be socially progressive while also protecting socially progressive indigenous traditions. They however are somewhat more on the progressive side than their father Native.png Indigenism, seeing promoting social progress as a natural continuation of their traditional ideals applied to the current world. Sadly for them, alongside their father Native.png Indigenism, most other Western anarchists don't know they exist nor care, and those who do often call them racist for wanting to preserve their culture from colonialism. Many Western anarchists often compare them to Whitesup.png White Nationalism or Natan.png National Anarchism. Although he does have some sympathy from their other loyal indigenous friends who relate to his circumstances, his best friend being Zapa.png Neozapatismo ball due to their similar history. Often times they are at opposition to most modern leftist organizations in the West due to their lack of sincere concern for their movement.


    Is often the angry and more confrontational son of Native.png Indigenism and more vocal about his deep-seated resentment towards colonists or outsiders who are ignorant about his culture, as opposed to his more reserved father.

    Frequently gets annoyed when other liberal/leftist balls attempt to fight on their behalf, but only further expose their western ignorance of what indigenous people actually want, for example, saying natives can't call themselves "Indian" because it is deemed "politically incorrect" by non-native western society, or when others instead act supportive in entirely superficial, tokenist ways that are simply performative. Like his father Indigenism, he usually doesn't see most modern political movements, including that of the radical left as having any genuine interest in their strife for liberation, instead desiring to form local self-sustaining collectives of individuals apart of his community.

    they are often extremely angry with most other balls due to their lack of understanding. Especially those from western cultures with Liberal or leftist ideals who tend to act "woke" or "politically correct" by speaking on their behalf, even more especially from those with open hostility with their ideas of "protecting their culture from genocide".

    He often can be steryotypes as Insarch.png Extremely uncompromising and insurrectionary who desires nothing more than Sep.pngTaking back his peoples land

    How to Draw

    Flag of Indigenous Anarchism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Add four equal vertical bars going across the ball, colored Cosmic Blue, Gold, Cream, and Scarlet
    3. In the middle, sanction a black stone
    4. Distinguish an "A" anarchy symbol in the center of the stone
    5. Draw two eyes
    6. Add a bird's feather on the ball
    7. (Optional) Draw the ball holding a smoking pipe

    You are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Cosmic Blue #090D15 9, 13, 21
    Gold #F5CF11 245, 207, 17
    Cream White #FFFFF2 255, 255, 242
    Scarlet #850405 133, 4, 5
    Stone Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Feather White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    • Tribal.png Tribalism - Hiawatha and the Great Peacemaker, I won't let you down.
    • Globnat.png Alter-Globalism - Expanding on what The Haudanoshonee was trying to create! A federation of all for greater peace!
    • Anarkata.png Anarkata - We have had a history together.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Fuck the Colonial State! (Although it would be nice if your western variants would stop mistaking me for Natan.png Him)
    • Zapa.png Neozapatismo - We smoke the peace pipe together. We are fellow Indians and face a common history!
    • Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism - Although we are on different sides of the world, Indigenous people across the world must rise again!
    • Postconan.png Post-Colonial Anarchism - Indigenous self-Determination and Decolonization against imperial states should be fought worldwide!
    • Anpostleft.png Post-Leftism - I see you too know how it feels to be abandoned by the left for choosing your own destiny.
    • Insarch.png Insurrectionary Anarchism - The fight for our independence can never be compromised, even with other self-claimed anarchists.
    • Sep.png Separatism - Exactly what I said above.
    • Envi.png Environmentalists - Although you don't care much about our Anti-Colonial struggle, Turtle Island must still be protected!
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism - Something westerners just don't seem to understand. Fighting to only protect our ancestors' traditions and fighting for only societal progress is a false dichotomy!


    • Front.png Anarcho-Frontierism - He trades with me for pelts but otherwise he is still a colonist invader who wants to take my land.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Be as left as you want, it's still stolen land.
    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Spreading communism is well and good, but are you not just Leftnat.png him?
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - I get your point but not all traditions are worth abandoning.
      • Annil.png LBubble.pngYes, they are. Your worship of trees will not make you happier or anything. But your psychedelics are awesome.RBubble.png
    • Natan.png National Anarchism - Yes, indigenous populations are being replaced. No, you're not the one being replaced.
    • Hind.png Hindu Theocracy - When I said "Indian" I didn't mean you.


    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Global capitalism is colonialism with extra steps.
    • React.png Reactionaryism - You want to go back to the times of our genocides. Fuck you.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - Fucking statist, colonialist, imperialist, persecuting fuckhead!
    • Ethcac.png Ethnocacerism - So... Let me get this straight, You want to fight the colonists by becoming yet another colonist? Your just an apple, We'll scalp you too!
    • Fash.png Fascism - Fuck you and your symbol, your why westerners hate me when I talk about the strength of a bundle of arrows. (Historical Context: a bundle of arrows was used as a symbol to represent the Haudanoshonee Confederacy)
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - How the hell does removing The Washington Redskins logo undo generations of colonization and genocide?
    • World.png Globalism - Basically just neo-colonialism for "woke" people.

    Further Information

    LandBack: The Indigenous Liberation Movement
    Indigenous Anarchist Federation



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