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    Not to be confused with Strato.png Khakistocracy.

    Kakistocracy is a non-quadrant ideology. Kakistocracy itself is the proverbial "Rule of the Stupid" or more literally "Rule of the Worst", and while the concept of Kakistocracy has existed for as long as stupid people have ruled, the concept of Intentional Kakistocracy is a newly created phenomenon.

    Whether it be Protest Voting, Political Kneecapping, or Awaj.png Anarchist/Primitivist Anprim.png, Accel.png Accelerationism, there are all sorts of reasons to intentionally put stupid people in positions of power over the state. Alternatively, you could use Kakistocracy as a kind of "Stress-testing" for a political system, making sure that even when the dumbest, laziest people are in power, everything holds up alright. Looking at you, Dem.png Democracy! And sometimes, you just want to watch the world burn.

    Of course, Kakistocracy wouldn't know what you were talking about if you told him all this. He doesn't know the dark and terrible power of Political Cynicism that he wields, and is happy to just play around with his ideology-pals.

    Currently being practiced by the current wiki moderators and in every country. Yes, even in YOUR country.


    While there have been rulers of questionable intelligence since pretty much the beginning of the concept of ruling itself, the term for it (Kakistocracy) has been only begun to be used around the 15th century, with the earliest known use of the term being in Paul Gosnold's "A sermon Preached at the Publique Fast the ninth day of Aug. 1644 at St. Maries".

    The term has then occasionally appeared in various texts through the centuries, particularly in the 19th century.

    In the early 21st century Kakistocracy has become the subject of the sci-fi comedy film Idiocracy in which stupid people have outbred the smart people, leaving the year 2505 an absolute hell-hole (Won't spoil the rest of the film because it's actually funny).

    The usage of Kakistocracy in the Polcompball community started with the post by the user ErinsHere on the r/newwackyideologies subreddit called "Kakistocracy, A Real Actual Word With A Real Actual Definition", the ideology later appeared by the comic on r/polcompball by the same user titled "A New Ideology Gets Some Advice (Kakistocracy. Look it up)".

    Cball-US.png 'Murika Frick yeh


    Many Americans consider the United States to be a country governed by those unfit to govern, and many politicians have done their best to prove this true. While far from a recent phenomenon, the proliferation of technology has increased awareness of some of the more bizarre statements made by politicians in the country. Some examples include Joe Biden referring to someone as a Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier, Obama claiming to have visited 57 states, Jimmy Carter seeming to imply he wished to make love to the people of Poland, Ronald Reagan claiming trees cause more pollution than cars, as well as much of Trump's tweets which became infamous for coming off as unprofessional at best. However, three presidents tend to stand out for their dumb actions: George W. Bush, Herbert Hoover and James Buchanan.

    GWB.png George W. Bush


    Hoover.png Herbert Hoover


    Wignat.png James Buchanan (tHEi bWESTI PrEsIdEnTA)


    Cball-Brazil.png Ur going to Brazil

    Many Brazilians consider Brazil a country ruled by people unfit to govern (actually this is a fact) and countless presidents have already said dumb and funny phrases, such as ex- president Sarney trying to speak English, Collor cursing politely, FHC saying "It's not to make everyone rich. I don't even know if it's worth it, because the rich life, in general, is very boring", but the biggest crazy things said were said by Lula, Dilma and Bolsonaro. Another example would be pornographic actresses entering politics (Elisa Sanches, Tigresa Vip and Kid Bengala) and deputies talking crazy, as former deputy João Alves said in a statement about corruption "Easy. I won everything in the lottery. I won 125 times in the last two years", Arthur do Val said after visiting Ukraine "...Four of these were 'girls' that if she shits you clean her **** with your tongue" and deputy Otoni de Paula debated in the chamber about the trans barbie.

    Dilma.png Dilma (tHEi bWESTI PrEsIdEnTA)

    Dilma Roussef was the former president of Brazil from 2011 to 2016, after being impeached. Her government was marked by corruption, unfinished works, protests, increased violence, increased poverty, scrapping health and education, alleged control of Lula (accusations), rising prices, inflation and of course MEMES.

    Several of her speeches became memes on the internet and even became songs, the most notable being the time that after sanctioning the corn day, she said "We have mandioca and we are communing mandioca with corn.. I'm saluting mandioca" and said "When we create a ball, we turn into homo sapiens, or women sapiens" (a meme remix about both lines). Another remarkable speech was when she said "I don't think whoever wins or whoever loses, whoever wins or loses, will win or lose. Everyone will lose" becoming one of the brands, along with "We will not set a goal. We'll leave a goal open. When we reach the goal, we double the goal". In a UN speech, she brought up a discussion of stockpiling wind.

    After several crises, they generated several protests around Brazil, causing her to have an approval of only 7.7%, the impeachment after accusations of fiscal pedalling, even though she and some leftists say it was a "coup";

    Cball-Malaysia.png Welcome to Bolehland

    Many Malaysians consider Malaysia a country ruled by people unfit to govern (actually this is a fact) since the premiership of Muhyiddin Yassin and countless politicians and ministers have already said dumb and funny phrases and stunts, such as Wan Fayshal's helicopter money solution to solve economical problems, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman's press conference on the LRT crash accident which he said "two trains kissed each other" and Rina Harun's cleaning stunt, but the biggest crazy things said were said by Bung Moktar Radin, Ahmad Faizal Azumu and Zuraida Kamaruddin.

    Mahiaddin.png Mahiaddin (AbAh pErDaNA MeNtERi TeRBaeK)

    Mahiaddin Yassin was the former Prime Minister of Malaysia from 2020 to 2021 after resigned due to loss of confidence. His government was marked by controversial statements, party-hoppers, protests, bureaucratic complications, COVID-19 mismanagement, alleged abuse of emergency powers (accusations), high living costs, unemployment, act of treason to the monarchy (accusations) and of course HASHTAGS.

    Due to the State of Emergency that was enacted in 2021 that was intended to curb COVID-19 (which actually didn't work as cases skyrocketed during the emergency period), several activists claimed that Mahiaddin had abused his powers to consolidate his position especially when several BN lawmakers declared a motion of no confidence, apart from civil rights abuse when the State of Emergency included violation of free speech. A series of protests then erupted, such as the #Undi18 protests (in response to the delay of the constitutional amendment on the voting age), Buka Puasa Buka Parlimen protests (as Parliamentary sessions were suspended during the State of Emergency), #BenderaPutih and #BenderaHitam movements and the #Lawan protests in response to the Mahiaddin Cabinet, which the latter has said to be full of "bowls" (Mangkuk, a perjorative term to refer dumb people) and the Mahiaddin goverment was called #KerajaanGagal (Failed Government) for the same reasons. Mahiaddin later repealed the Emergency state without debating the Emergency Ordnance in the Parliament, which the government was then called #KerajaanDerhaka (Government of Treason) as he declared the repealment of the ordnance before the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, which was the first in Malaysian History.

    After his resignation as Prime Minister, his appointment as the President of the National Recovery Council sparked controversy due to his poor track record, apart from the worsening electoral performance of Perikatan Nasional, winning only a few seats in Melaka and Johor state elections.

    Argentina.png South American nazi shelter


    Isabelita.png Isabelita (tHEi bWESTI PrEsIdEnTA)


    Cball-Mexico.png Nacho Mango chimichangas


    PRI.png Peña Nieto (El MejOr PrEsIdEnTe DeL mUnDo)

    Enrique Peña Nieto is the former president of Mexico from 2012-2018, he is considered to be one of the worst presidents in Mexico's history. Some of his phrases become memes in the mexican community due to how stupid they were, examples include the time where he said that 5 minutes is less than 1 minute, the moment he tried to speak english (Failing to do so) or when he said "I can say that the president of the republic drinks coca-cola everyday, coca-cola light"

    Cball-Equatorial Guinea.png Equatorial Guinea

    Equatorial Guinea is a considerably poor African country, having one of the worst education indices in the world, 13th in infant mortality (2020, according to the UN, human rights abuses and a high degree of Corruption. It had 2 presidents during its history and according to the Democracy Index, it is one of the most authoritarian countries in the world, even more than countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia, also being one of the most difficult to open a business according to the Heritage Foundation.

    PUNT-Nguema.png Francisco Macias Nguema (DeRe iS nO GaWd bUt hIm)

    Francisco Macias Nguema was the former president of Equatorial Guinea between 1968 and 1979, in which his totalitarianism made him known as African Auschwitz, African Pol Pot, one of the worst dictators and self-declared "Marxism-Hitlerism". Estimates point out that he killed about 6% to 15% of the population (at the time, about 350,000), in total dying from 20,000 to 80,000.

    He was a man considered mentally ill, manic-depressive, paranoid, violent, psychopathic and megalomaniac. In power, he censored the media, completely isolated the country and abolished private enterprise and private individual life (completely, somewhat similarly to 1984). He created a black ethnostate of the Fang ethnicity, ordering to kill, rape and torture anyone who was of another ethnicity, evident in the mass rape actions and campaigns and in his following line "Kill the white, rape the women, you have the right to loot, death penalty for anyone who helps the white man! We are at war against Spanish imperialism! The loggers are our enemies!", he also ordered the killing of immigrants with inhuman torture and humiliation, such as the placing of ants with iron. in their bodies. Several schools were closed and the ones that remained were scrapped and indoctrinated, in which he himself indoctrinated the students, and also persecuted intellectuals for wearing glasses. He was also a cannibal, in which he ate, broke and decorated the skulls and heads of enemies, some of which he personally stabbed. One of his main marks was his attachment to Nazis and Hitler, whom he praised numerous times, also clinging to Francisco Franco, Idi Amin, Mao, Bokassa, Castro, Kim Il-sung and the Falangists. Catholicism, which is the predominant religion in Guinea, was first modified to idolize it, but later it was banned, with the death penalty and even crucifixion of followers, in addition to the word Jesus being banned, destroying the churches, ordering to defecate in the bibles and prohibiting ceremonies and religious celebrations (wedding, funeral, Christmas, Easter, etc). Even though the state was atheist, there was a cult of personality, in which he was regarded as god and creator of the universe, giving God authorization, together with forbidding the word "intellectual". There was sexual blackmail, children in the military, widespread hunger, complete destruction of the economy and infrastructure, banned bread, robbed banks, increased infant mortality, the life expectancy of only 30 years, end of agriculture and industries and support from the communist blocs. He has managed to earn the ire of even his own nephew Teodoro Mbasogo, who deposed and killed him in 1979, becoming president consecutively.

    Teodoro Mbasogo.png Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (whY diD U KiwL uR GaWd NepEw)

    Teodoro Mbasogo has been the current president of Equatorial Guinea since 1979 (43 years). Even after an improvement in the economy and in foreign relations, and being saner than his uncle (the bar is so low, that almost anything goes), he was accused of crimes against humanity, scrapping education, cannibalistic CBT ("He wants me to go back to Guinea to eat my testicles" - Severo Moto), corruption, plutocracy, autocracy, (carnival in Brazil with its theme and bragging shamefully) ethnocentrism (why yes) and personality cult (state radio in 2003 classified him as a god).

    Cball-Italy.png Super Mario Land


    AntonioRazzi.png Antonio Razzi


    Cball-Poland.png Kurwa clean toilet

    • Krzysztof Kononowicz - WIP
    • Jablonowskism.png Aleksander Jabłonowski - WIP
    • Zbigniew Stonoga - WIP

    YouTube.png YouTube Poop

    The YouTube video platform has been accused several times of promoting content creators who do stupid actions to get attention or have a flawed algorithm. Several content creators (youtubers) put appealing thumbnails (clickbait), say and do stupid things or even commit crimes (in some cases) to get attention, some making money from it. Especially in 2017, the youtube algorithm was accused of demonetizing videos randomly or with idiotic justifications, while ignoring youtubers who do crazy things are promoted by the platform. One of the most notable scandals was Elsagate, which featured children's channels with inappropriate and very bizarre themes.

    Even though youtube is pro-LGBT, it was still accused of demonetizing videos with related titles, like the word "gay" and demonetizing videos with nonsense words. On youtube, there are countless youtube channels of politics or ""philosophy"" that end up defending absurd ideals.

    MrDweller.png MrDweller (tHEi bWESTI uTuBaR)

    MrDweller, or his name Artyom Uspensky, is a Russian youtuber and creator of Mister Incredible memes, known for clickbait and disgusting thumbs, in addition to lack of effort, bland and scary content, racist comments and other controversies. Even though his political views don't appear on his channel, he still has accusations of mocking the disabled, poor and homeless people, transphobic and homophobic content first and accusation of racism in the video "Mr Incredible Becoming Scared (You live in)".

    In his discord, he made Islamophobic, pro-Putin and hateful comments against Ukraine, supported Hitler, said the N-word several times, threatened users with death and said that the fact that his content is appealing is just to make money.

    SwordC.png SwordComrade


    Self Insert Icon.png Self Inserts

    Many people on reddit (especially r/newwackyideologies), NationStates and the PCBA create ideologies based on their political views, whether they have a study (sometimes) or not (mostly). Some ideologies are ultra-extremist and off-compass, being complete madness, gaining evidence in the PCBA, in addition to several combining opposing ideologies or uniting extremist ideologies of the same spectrum, having few center ideologies. Another curious case is "Based Off of OC" ideologies, which are junctions of other Self Inserts ideologies and even canon ideologies, in which these ideologies are purposefully crazy.

    Its design is based on the Mary Sue (representation of "perfect" OCs), in which it does not have a specific shape, but the ball was possibly based on this version.

    Reddit.png Reddit


    PCM.png r/PoliticalCompassMemes (aUtHrIgHt ChAd lIblEfT SoY fLaIr Up! 1!!1!1!!!)

    r/PoliticalCompassMemes is a subreddit dedicated to ridiculing stereotypes on the political compass, ranging both from left-right and authoritarian-libertarian. While the content is usually harmless, since 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, the subreddit has gained a lot of alt-lite members following a wave of bans across the website, which some believe has degraded the quality of its content.

    Nowadays, the subreddit is notorious because of often low-effort (usually right-wing) agenda posts with dogwhistles for fascism, racism or basically any extreme ideology, but most importantly, anything you hate while calling themselves free speech absolutists...

    r/PCM has also been accused of being politically illiterate.

    The "memes" (if you can call them that) have the following:

    • Libleft.png Green LibLeft - There are 3 stereotypes: The first would be a soyboy Soyjak.png mainstream media fan (and they would be all the evil in the world, but the PCM is not biased, trust me ); The second would be a person fascinated by the LGBT subculture on the internet and an active (annoying) activist for the cause; The third would be a stereotype of a mainstream hooligan anarchist.
      • Orangelibleft.png Orange LibLeft, aka PCM's archnemesis - basically the SJW stereotype commonly associated with the LibLeft quadrant. Sometimes associated with the Leftunity.png Left Unity quadrant due to claims that Orange Libleft were "green on the outside while red in the inside", similar to a watermelon.
    • Authright.png AuthRight - It has 5 stereotypes: The first would be a conservative Christian pro-Trump right-wing populist monarchist: The second would be a masculine traditionalist Gigachad.png "gigachad" and Chad.png "based" (totally not biased, we swear); The third would be a racist/Nazi/Alt-Right stereotype, used by some left-wing users; The fourth would be a theocratic tyrant king, full of perks and absurdly rich, in other words, a crass stereotype; And the fifth would be a religious fundamentalist which varies based on various religions, especially Jihad.png Jihadists, Catheo.png Catholic bishops or Crusadism.png The Crusaders.
    • Authleft.png AuthLeft - Literally a stereotype of communist created by rightists, that is, a dictator that 1000000000000 people die of starvation or execution, hammer and sickle in every corner, propaganda and giant autocracy. Other variants of the Authleft Stereotype would be the Winnie the Pooh/Xi Jinpooh wojak when the meme was centered on Chinese politics, used by users critical of China/Cball-Taiwan.png pro-ROC users, or represented by Putin.png Vladimir Putin for the Russian version.
    • Libright-yellow.png Yellow LibRight - It has 2 stereotypes: The most used, which would be a gigantic stereotype of a capitalist who loves money above all, an extreme fan of private property or anything private (which paints everything gay in the month of June while reverting things back by the beginning of the month of July); The other stereotype would be an obese 14-year-old MGTOW Ancap otaku bitcoin fan.
      • Libright-purple.png Purple LibRight - A pedophile kidnapper/child rapist (usually with candy) fan of Jeffrey Epstein, and who would have child slaves.
    • Moder.png Centrists Centrist-yellow.png - A cook and the "I Just Wanna Grill for God's Sake" meme, being seen as either based or a coward. Divided into two factions, the Centrist-yellow.png radical centrists and the Moder.png grey centrists
    • Libunity-yellow.png LibUnity - An extremely regressionist monkey who keeps saying "Reject human, embrace monkey" or a Neoluddist who keeps saying "The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race". Also represented by Anti-Authoritarians who fight against Authunity.
    • Authunity.png AuthUnity - Literally a stereotypical totalitarian tyrant dictator / AuthRight's third stereotype. Some people misplace National-Bolshevism as it is AuthLeft because of the economy.
    • Rightunity-yellow.png Right Unity - Sometimes used to depicit a stereotypical rightist, especially when comparing with a stereotypical leftist (Leftunity.png Left Unity) in memes, usually in the form of Chad Soyjak meme format. Also used by several PCM users, especially pro-Ukrainian users to show their solidarity to Ukraine since the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine as the colours of Rightunity-yellow.png Right Unity being similar to the flag of Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine
    • Off-compass positions: Used in memes especially "me normally vs me when X" memes to depicit their reactions towards a specific issue(s).
    • Unflaired are scum and should flair up with an exception of this user (u/--UNFLAIRED--)

    r/okbuddyretard (ThE BwEStI SuBReDiT)

    r/okbuddyretard is an example of an intentionally kakistocratic subreddit. As suggested by the name, people there intentionally act like retarded kids, both in their posts (memes mostly following 2010s caption format with topics such as ur mom) and in the comment section, where emojis are commonly overused.

    Altcentr.png PCB Land

    INKYSOC.png f u literally 1984 Bunisoc.png

    TheGhostOfInky and Buni have been accused of being kakistocratic after the latter deleted a lot of fictional movements pages, or don't allows to create new ideology pages. The first, because of having strict banning rules and accused of unfair bans on people on the wiki, when it was rocking and blocks on discord (He did). Inky was also accused of fascism by several PCB users for some reason.

    Yugotard.png YugoslavPartisan2 User-Pol Pot Enjoyer.pngUser-GeneralHeisenberg.pngUser-ComradeAsh.png(bEcAuSe ThEy ArE bLoCkEd On ThE (all)-ball wiki)

    YugoslavPartisan was a British LeftUnity (Later Authleft) Communist user that used to edit wiki pages in Polcompball since 2021. In mid 2022, they made several vandalizations, especially userwiki pages, apart from insulting several users in the Wiki for not supporting their beliefs, which include: accuse someone for against gender equality for opposing genderfluidity, calling someone an Israel supporter for opposing Hamas, etc.

    Prior to their ban due to constant vandalism, Yugo managed to create several alts to evade their ban, which are:

    • User-GeneralHeisenberg.png General Heisenberg Alt & User-ComradeAsh.png ComradeAsh Alt - Both accounts have many similarities, both accounts were created on the same day (7 September 2022), both are trans girls (although Heisenberg initially was an agender who goes by they/them pronouns), both do not have their own icons, both have the same ideology with very few differences, both support Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and Gaddafi movements, both insist on saying that Stalin was not Autocratic, both have in their ideology this following row DemML.pngErgaDictature.pngUltraprogressivism.png and others similarities. The few differences are:
      • User-ComradeAsh.png ComradeAsh - Radical Environmentalism and supports Irish revolutionaries, in addition to having vandalized the Stalinism page several times, leaving it extremely biased.
      • User-GeneralHeisenberg.png General Heisenberg - Juche and is the most "lite" of accounts.
    • User-Pol Pot Enjoyer.png Pol Pot Enjoyer alt - Yugo larped as a Pol Potist Cambodian on August 2022, but later got caught due to the similarities on the edits one. In this account, he showed himself to be an idiot Pol Pot fan, hating anything against it, as well as doing slanted vandalism in his edits, how to take out most soviet politicians on imperialism page (this includes: Stalin, Kosior, Goloshchyokin and others), taking away the Nation Alliance/Turkish Opposition from the Kemalism page and other types of vandalism.

    Literally cream man.png Cream Man



    Kakistocracy is to be portrayed as an absolute fool in pretty much all situations, he is often very immature going beyond the realm of just being an imbecile (having the mental maturity of a teenager) into the realm of being an idiot (having the mental maturity of a prepubescent child). He speaks in the heavily cringeworthy dialect of Temspeak*, as he is not illiterate, just absolutely brain-dead.

    *(I.e. "Hello, my name is Kakistocracy. becomes "HOI!!! I'm iz KAKISTOCRACY!!!11!!!!")

    His idiocy is often shown with him wearing a propeller beanie, adoring immature and crude memes (like "Big Chungus", "Doin ur mom", etc.), and generally lacking any proper experience on any subject.


    Huw to Drah

    Flag of Kakistocracy

    The design for Kakistocracy is based on [1] this flag by the user u/ErinsHere on the r/vexillology subreddit.

    1. Drah a ball.
    2. Drah a straype of light-gren.
    3. Drah a white silhuette of hed in profile.
    4. Drah Omega symbol on the face's forehed, also in light-gren.
    5. Drah (optiunaley tiltad) eyes and ure done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Green #00D560 0, 213, 96
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255



    (Note: the friendships are mostly one-sided)


    Furfer Infrumatishun



    Videeoz and Songz

    Online Cumuniteez




    1. Just join the PCB Discord server (If you hadn't already join it) and look at Cream Man's messages, you won't regret it.
    2. He changed the national motto to "There is no other God than Macías Nguema"
    3. Nguema admired Kim Il-sung, and was reportedly friends with him.
    4. Tried for embezzlement of public funds.
    5. Just search for memes about some of her nonsense speeches in Portuguese.
    6. SEE
    7. Devoted fans of Milo even said “Milo is Love, Milo is Life, Milo is Freedom”
    8. [2]
    9. [3] (polish)
    10. Mayor of Maipu from 2016 to 2021, she became infamous for spending municipal money on things like painting her car gold, bootleg pokemon plushies, bronze plaques with her name printed on them, and other absurd things that ended up bankrupting Maipú. Also during her management, Maipu became one of the most poorest and dangerous communes in Chile. She has also done other stupid things, just search for news in Spanish about her on Google.
    11. Accused by Sailor Mars, especially in the early seasons.
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