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    Hutu Power is an Ethnonat.png Ethnonationalist ideology that advocates for Hutu supremacy in Africa and the extermination of Tutsi people. Hutus who marry, befriend or hire Tutsis are considered "traitors". The ideology led to the Rwandan Genocide, a genocide by Hutu extremists against the Tutsi in Cball-Rwanda.png Rwanda, happening in the mid-90s[1].


    Appearance of Hutu & Tutsi

    From the 18th century, the Kingdom of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Burundi were established respectively. The Hutu became the core force of the Rwanda kingdom, and the kingdom of Burundi was established in the form of a Tutsi rule over the Hutu. In the 19th century, the German Empire conquered the Kingdom of Rwanda and Burundi, making it part of German East Africa. After World War I, it became a Belgian colony called Luanda-Urundi. Belgium's policy of preferential treatment to the Hutu of Luanda-Urundi was opposed by the Tutsi. Luanda-Urundi separated from Belgian rule and became independent as Rwanda and Burundi. After independence, civil wars in Rwanda and Burundi broke out between Hutu and Tutsi, respectively, resulting in genocide and rape. Rwandan genocide(Thousands of Hutu and Tutsi fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo during the incident)

    Propoganda during the Ruwanda Genocide

    Organizers of the genocide used ideology to bring Hutu to fear and hate Tutsi. They then used the institutions of the state to transform the fear and hate into the myriad acts of hunting, raping and killing that made up the genocide. 

    Among the false ideas drawn on by political leaders and propagandists backing Habyarimana were the following:

    • Tutsi were foreign to Rwanda and had no right to live there.
    • Despite the 1959 revolution, Tutsi continued to enjoy higher status and greater wealth than Hutu and were in some way responsible for continuing Hutu poverty.
    • Tutsi posed a danger to Hutu, who were always the victims, whether of Tutsi military power or of Tutsi cunning (use of their women to seduce Hutu, use of their money to buy Hutu), and so Hutu had a right and a duty to defend themselves.


    Hutu Power believes that every Hutu should believe in the 10 Hutu commandments which are.

    1. Every Hutu should know that a Tutsi woman, whoever she is, works for the interest of her Tutsi ethnic group. As a result, they consider any Hutu a traitor if they marry a Tutsi woman, employ a Tutsi woman as a prostitute, employ a Tutsi woman as a secretary, or takes her under protection.
    2. Every Hutu should know that our Hutu daughters are more suitable and conscientious in their role as woman, wife, and mother of the family. Are they not beautiful, good secretaries and more honest?
    3. Hutu women, be vigilant and try to bring your husbands, brothers, and sons back to reason.
    4. Every Hutu should know that every Tutsi is dishonest in business. His only aim is the supremacy of his ethnic group. As a result, any Hutu who does the makes a partnership with Tutsi in business, invests his money or the government's money in a Tutsi enterprise, lends or borrows money from a Tutsi, gives favors to Tutsi in business (obtaining import licenses, bank loans, construction sites, public markets, etc.) is a traitor.
    5. All strategic positions, political, administrative, economic, military and security should be entrusted only to Hutu.
    6. The education sector (school pupils, students, teachers) must be majority Hutu.
    7. The Rwandan Armed Forces should be exclusively Hutu. The experience of the October 1990 war has taught us a lesson. No member of the military shall marry a Tutsi.
    8. The Hutu should stop having mercy on the Tutsi.
    9. The Hutu, wherever they are, must have unity and solidarity and be concerned with the fate of their Hutu brothers this means that Hutu inside, & outside Rwanda must constantly look for friends & allies for the Hutu cause, starting with their Hutu brothers, They must constantly counteract Tutsi propaganda & that the Hutu must be firm and vigilant against their common Tutsi enemy.
    10. The Social Revolution of 1959, the Referendum of 1961, and the Hutu Ideology, must be taught to every Hutu at every level. Every Hutu must spread this ideology widely. Any Hutu who persecutes his brother Hutu for having read, spread, and taught this ideology is a traitor.

    Personality and Behaviour

    • Dislikes Tootsie rolls.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hutu Power
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Split the ball into vertical thirds
    3. Colour the left red, the middle black, and the right yellow
    4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #E20212 226, 2, 18
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32
    Yellow #F9D302 249, 211, 2




    • Blacknat.png Black Nationalism - Blacks rule Africa! But still kill those Tutsi demons, and STOP HATING ON ME!


    Further Information




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