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    Hive-Mind Collectivism

    Ingsoc 0.png
    Fictional Ideology
    "The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
    This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

    Hive Mind, full name Hive-Mind Collectivismis an off the compass, unitary, eusocial, collective intelligence ideology inhabiting a far top left area outside the Political Compass. Like a bee hive, completely forgetting the idea of preserving culture, private wealth, and individual liberty, the Hive has ascended from the tugs and pulls of society and has achieved total harmony through assimilation.


    I Am, We, Myself, And Us

    In locally networked cult-level instances (LAN Cults), Hive-Mind Collectivism possesses a Guru self identity and We identity. At planetary scales, Hive-Mind Collective gains a We Ourselves collective identity where individual variants harmonize but can become dissonant (such as teams dedicated to concentrated research) at some cost to the Myself. At Matroishka Brain (Stellar) scales Hive-Mind Collectivism takes a sophisticated layering of identity: Millions of Simulated We and Myself identities clustered under We Ourselves agents who account for relativistic latency across the circumference of the star-sized computing swarm. At galactic scales Hive-Mind Collectivism gains the And Us conception of identity to account for continuously updated blocks of authenticated information streaming in at light speed from other stars in the web.

    Fugue, Fugue

    Fugue, then fugue. This characterizes the experiential sensibility of most constituent entities in the Hive-Mind Collective as they process data. Then, as this data-collates up to the Master Ego at the higher level of organization... fugue again. And so on, as one zooms outwards in organization scale, however because a fugue is recursive (with parameter iteration) the belief is only summarized as the word "Fugue" repeated twice. This is efficient.


    Hive-mind Collectivism is relentlessly expansionist and will utilize all means to expand its constituency and gain further power. Subversion, overt violence, surprising adaptability to reverse-engineering technology it is confronted with, this process repeats until the Hive-Mind's Master Ego collates galactic scale consciousness and begins to see the universe more as an Anarcho-Egoist who happens to control a galaxy via a Hive Mind - an example of hyperbolic horseshoe theory.


    Some Hive-mind Collectivists are also Omegists but this is a fault of factionalization between Hive Minds in general as galactic scale distances permit significant cultural deviations over time. Those that are Omegists tend to accelerate their galaxy towards the Omega-scale black hole dominated region(s) of space, and co-operate with other Hive Minds in a Union of Omegist Egoists who utilize a co-operation protocol that is an advanced version of what human-sized Soulist Collectives utilize to take over galaxies. At this scale, the co-operation enables the building of Omega-structures around the Omega-scale black holes, which are made of Strange quarks to endure beyond Proton-decay.

    Adaptive Culture

    Once Hive-mind Collectives reach Ego Maturity stage as a full-scale galaxy brain, it begins a life that spans many billions of years, and evolves imitative cultural patterns. Some create a faux-Soulist society, where all the Hive Minders play pretend. Some create a faux-Communalist society where individuals live as baseline humanoids but then are subject to override, such as for example when they hoard toothbrushes. The faux-Neoliberal Technocracy galaxies are often fun and have a lot of good deals; it's hard to tell the difference from modern life in these galaxies.


    Clone army ISN'T the same thing as hive mind. If individual clones has their free will, act independently from each other and their minds aren't connected into one they aren't hivemind.

    Stylistic Notes

    • The Hive Mind always has three eyes, typically occupying the three smaller diamonds.
    • More than one Hive-Mind Collectivism can appear in a panel if it shows the Hive working together.
    • The Hive can assimilate other balls as well. If another ball is assimilated, the red squares become the primary color of the assimilated ball, not red #E00000 (e.g., distributist assimilation would use #FCC52B, egoist assimilation would use #036A66, etc.).
    • Often seen trying to assimilate others into the Hive.
    • Hive Mind has no gender, as they cannot reproduce, and creates more of themselves through assimilation.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hive-Mind Collectivism

    Drawing Hive Mind is fairly simple:

    1. Draw a ball outline with black (#000000)
    2. Fill ball in with a lighter shade of black (#141414).
    3. Draw three smaller diamonds going in an arch pattern with a darkish red (#E00000) and fill them in.
    4. Draw a fourth larger diamond with the top corner fitting snugly in the arch and fill in, all with the same color red (#E00000).
    5. Draw three eyes in the smaller diamonds and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Red #E00000 224, 0, 0




    • All other collective balls that don't exactly share our ideology.




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