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    Gaullism is an economically center to center-right and center-left in some forms, culturally center-right, democratic but somewhat paternalistic, statist and moderately nationalist ideology. The ideology Gaullism refers to an ensemble of beliefs attributed to the 5th republic founder, resistant and iconic French historical figure General Charles De Gaulle. Gaullism has been the founding ideology of the contemporary French republic and its legacy remains highly influential.


    Gaullism was born during WWII and originally referred to the beliefs of the leader of the French resistance Charles De Gaulle and his followers. Gaullism was born from the refusal to accept Petain’s collaborationist government and from the desire to avenge the German invasion and restore the dignity of France. After the war, Gaullism was one of the main ideologies of the provisional government which ruled France from 1944-1946 after the fall of the Vichy Regime, and was the de facto national ideology of the beginning of the fifth republic after De Gaulle assumed power in 1958. While De Gaulle’s Gaullism technically disappeared after De Gaulle’s step down from power in 1969, Gaullism and its various interpretations are still a driving force in contemporary France with several political parties claiming its legacy.


    While Gaullism may have varied with the circumstances, some tenets remain essential: the belief in a strong state combining respect for democracy and the desire to avoid sterile political quarrels, the importance of a strong leader, a foreign policy based on pragmatism, the belief in French exceptionalism and in the necessity to preserve and promote French culture and traditions, a refusal of foreign dominance on France as illustrated by the desire of De Gaulle to make of France a nuclear power, defiance of foreign powers including the Anglo-Saxons (America, United-Kingdom) and the USSR.

    NeoGaulle.png Neo-Gaullism

    After the death of General De Gaulle, Gaullism took on several forms that have come to pass for certain people and certain movements and political parties of the past and of the present. Neo-Gaullism has ideological forms of right and left, as well as centrist.

    Sarkozy.png Sarkozyism

    The ideology of the former president of France Nikolas Sarkozy, It can be viewed as right-wing atlanticist sub-variant of NeoGaulle.png Neo-Gaullism.


    French Republican Party.png French Conservatism

    See Conservatism

    Macron.png Macronism

    See Neoliberalism

    MarineLePen.png Le Penism

    See Welfare Chauvinism

    Zemmour.png Zemmourism

    See Right-Wing Populism

    PNL(France).png Integral Neo-Darwinism

    See Reactionary Liberalism

    Personalities and Behavior

    Gaullism is extremely solemn, serious and cold. He voluntarily uses a heavy French accent the few times he speaks English to show with pride his French origins. He remains quite lonely, usually approaching others with apprehensions (“He has no friends only interests”). While being a man of few words in private, he is a great public speaker and does not hesitate to be provoking in his statements if he considers it necessary (like “Vive le Québec libre!”, ‘‘Glory to a free Québec!’’).

    How to draw

    Flag of Gaullism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it blue white and red like the French tricolor flag
    3. Draw in a usually-red “Croix de Lorraine” (emblem of the Gaullist French resistance)
    4. Draw semi closed eyes, he needs to looks unfriendly
    5. Draw a military hat- usually, the one with 2 stars De Gaulle wore during WWII or the standard French general hat.


    (Pas trop proches) Amis


    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Your economics are not that bad, but do you have any national pride, "palsambleu"!?
    • Dem.png Democracy - I respect you but you need to be guided to avoid becoming sterile like the fourth republic.
    • Integral Nationalism.png Integral Nationalism - Maurras you became mad from being so right.
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - How would you preserve your traditions and culture without a strong state? "Quelle folie".
    • European Federalism.png European Federalism - You were useful to protect us from the yankees and the soviets' influence but you should stop trying to erase nations and culture! Also, don't forget when I tried to warn you that the UK joining wouldn't be a good idea.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Same thing with the guy above. France needed to distance from NATO for a second.
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - I appreciate your admiration but calm down, I am not Thermidorian anyway. Zemmour really likes you though.
    • FraLeftCon.png French Left-Conservatism - Too much economic interventionism but you hold many of my values.


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