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    Enlightened Absolutism

    Enlightened absolutism, also called Enlightened Despotism, is an ideology that believes the philosophical values of the Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment should be enforced through an Abmon.png Absolute Monarchy. enlightened absolutism can be summarised with the quote "Everything for the people, nothing by the people". Famous enlightened despots include Frederick the Great of Prussia, Napoleon Bonaparte of France, Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire, and Catherine the Great of Russia.






    Very confident, enlightened absolutism will go out of it's way to present himself as a savior and protector of his plebs - even as he goes apeshit the moment one of them tries reduce his absolute power. Can be genuinely well-meaning even in his narcissistic moments, and in many ways act like Autocracy if he actually stopped looking at a mirror for more than 5 seconds each time, though in the flipside even in his helpful moments he can come off as abusive and/or an asshole towards those he wants to help.

    How to Draw


    Flag of Enlightened Absolutism
    Flag of Enlightened Absolutism (glow design)
    1. Draw a purple ball
    2. Draw a yellow cross
    3. Draw eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Purple #510143 81, 1, 67
    Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0

    Glow Design

    1. Draw a pink ball
    2. Draw a slightly lighter pink circle
    3. Draw a smaller light pink circle
    4. Draw eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Pink #D638C0 214, 56, 192
    Slightly Light Pink #EA65D4 234, 101, 212
    Light Pink #FDB4EF 253, 180, 239



    • Abmon.png Absolute Monarchism - You taught me to keep the crowns power strong in order to govern more efficiently.
    • Bonaparte.png Bonapartism - One of the very first Enlightened Monarchs.
    • Caesar.png Caesarism - Hey there ancestor! Good job in shutting down these senators blocking your reforms and teaching these stupid barbarians a lesson or two on the benefits of following a civilized leader.
    • Monsoc.png Monarcho-Socialism - I'm skeptical about these leftist economic policies, but we seem to be fully compatible with each other, in spite of what father says.
    • Socauth.png Social Authoritarianism - The best the republican system can get!
    • Long.png Longism - He follows similar ideas in not allowing petty politics and corruption get on his way to exert his will and he even has the honorary title of "Kingfisher"! Just put a crown on your head already and you will be perfect!
    • Nooc.png Noocracy and Scientocracy Small.png Scientocracy - The absolute king must be wise and listen to intellectuals As long as they don't propose limiting his power.
    • Merit.png Meritocracy - A skilled and talented king shall do a better job at running his kingdom than a thousand other plebs! Wait, what do you mean being a king doesn't mean I'm necessarily smart?


    • Mladorossi.png Mladorossism - You are like my socialist buddy above, but much weirder and wacky. What the hell are you even meant to be? And your fascist leanings makes me fear you aren't too enthusiastic for the pleb's freedoms I'm meant to hold up.
    • Conmon.png Constitutional Monarchism - Brother, I'm all for upholding the pleb's rights and listening to their problems, but do you really need to give them a place in your government? You already do your job so well without them messing with you!
    • Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment - FATHER I'M FOLLOWING YOUR IDEALS WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME?
    • Matmon.png Matriarchal Monarchism - Of course we can have an enlightened queen my sister, but why must it be always a queen?
    • Anmona.png Anarcho-Monarchism - From a technical viewpoint you have some similarities to me, but I still have no idea how you work. Also, anarchism? Are you sure you aren't just planning on secretly transfering the power to the peasants?
    • Nrx.png Dark Enlightenment - We both want a leader to wield absolute power over the political system, but for completely different reasons.
    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - You're ok for a republican, but Long.pnghe's still better.
    • Imp.png Imperialism - I'm not an outspoken promoter of this, but I did engage in it occasionally if it meant helping my people. Nothing personal, I swear!
    • Franco.png Francoism - He also likes the monarchy and merit, but why rule for life when you can give power to the king?
    • Neotech.png Technoliberalism - Wants pleb representation, but supports merit.


    • Carlism.png Carlism - Why do you oppose the Enlightenment? Can't you see we can have both an absolute king in charge of the government while listening to these so-useful tips these enlightened philosophers gave to me? Why do you hate me?
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - A weak system who is unable to provide to the common people!
    • Dem.png Democracy - The plebs are too stupid to be in charge of the kingdoms policies!
    • Jacobin.png Jacobinism - See? This is why the plebs shouldn't be in charge!
    • Antifa.png Anti-Fascism - Aren't you just the modern version of Jacobinism?
    • Cermon.png Ceremonial Monarchism - Lazy, quasi-republican "monarchist".
    • React.png Reactionarism - You have outlived your usefulness, long live the progressive monarchy.
    • Feud.png Feudalism - No idea why father left his land to a incompetent snob like you, your fiefdoms go bye bye!
    • Confed.png Confederalism - States overruling the government? Republican? Pro-Slavery Reactionary? We'll see about that!
    • Khom.png Khomeinism - I told you republicans are outdated.

    Further Information




    1. She continued to expropriate the Church's lands
    2. She gave the Church back the serfs they had once owned that were freed by Peter III
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