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    Eco-Anarchism is an Envi.png Environmentalist Awaj.png Anarchist ideology inhabiting a similar position to Ancom.png AnCom and AnSynd.png AnSynd at the bottom of the Libleft.png LibLeft quadrant. He gets very mad when people mistake him for Anprim.png AnPrim.

    Eco-Anarchism believes in the complete abolition of the state in favor of decentralized eco-communes. It also believes that capitalism's natural tendency towards infinite profits is destroying the planet. Due to these beliefs, many eco-anarchists are willing to do actions such as tree-sitting to oppose the cutting of a forest or attacking police equipment.


    Solarpunk is an art genre and movement that envisions a post-capitalist, post-hierarchy, world where humanity sees itself as part of nature, while clean energy solves environmental challenges such as climate change and pollution. It seeks to replace doomer narratives on climate change with a sense of hope for the future.


    Important early influences were Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy and Élisée Reclus. In the late 19th century, green anarchism emerged within individualist anarchist circles in Cuba, France, Portugal and Spain. In the latter half of the 20th century, environmentalists began to realize the need for radical egalitarianism within their movement.

    To this end, the American author Murray Bookchin analyzed the connection between human life and the land they lived on. Bookchin hypothesized that any adverse change in the ecology of the planet would negatively affect the humans living on it. At the end of this meta-analysis of human history, Bookchin concluded that capitalism (and its negative ecological consequences) began the moment humans broke the 'blood oath' that connected them to nature. This 'blood oath' was based on 'usufruct' (the minimal use of natural resources), and the 'irreducible minimum' (distributing gains equally among the familial group).

    Personality and Behaviour

    Eco-Anarchists can act either very peaceful, either living in an isolated log cabins in the woods or in primitive commune/tribes, or they can engage in revolutionary-like tactics against the State by mail bombings or protests.

    Eco-Anarchists are very kind towards animals of all types and have differing opinions on humans. Eco-Anarchists usually have a vege-patch and will give tips to starting your own.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Eco-Anarchism

    Drawing Eco-Anarchism is very easy:

    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a not completely black line diagonally across the ball,
    3. Fill the bottom half with the same shade,
    4. Fill the top half with green,
    5. Draw the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #00DD00 0, 221, 0
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20




    • Glibr.png Green Libertarianism - I like your care for the environment and your distrust of the state, but capitalism is harmful to the environment.
    • Georgist.png Georgism - Taxes are cringe, but if it protects land, I guess it's pretty good.
    • Ecocap.png Eco-Capitalism - You are a terrible system that kills animals for prof- Holy shit, are those veggie burgers?
    • Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - Your plan might solve climate change but killing 99+% of the human population is a bit too far don't ya think? Also I'm sick of people confusing me for you.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Stop burning coal.


    Further Information





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