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    Council Communism, also called Dutch-German Left Communism[2], or simply Councilism[3], is a particular strain of left communism that emphasizes the role of worker's councils in organizing both the revolution itself and as a foundation of post-capitalist society. This direct proletarian control over production and distribution (Where the councils take control over the economy) is seen by Council Communists as the true character of the dictatorship of the proletariat.


    A diagram of a proposed socialist economic and political system based on workers' councils
    A diagram of a proposed socialist economic and political system based on workers' councils

    Council communists differ widely on the specifics, but they all agree that, generally, the association of free and equal producers can only be achieved by the system of workers councils.

    Council Communism, at its core, believes in the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat by means of a network of workers' councils. Council Communism rejects Socdem.png social democratic methods like participation in parliaments and trade unions. Historically, council communists like Herman Gorter, Anton Pannekoek and the KAPD believed that the party is needed in the conquest of political power by the workers along with the idea that the communist party must have a thoroughly worked out programmatic basis and must be organised and disciplined in its entirety from below, as a unified will. However, some of the more recent councilists(like Ruhle and Mattick) would end up rejecting the party, believing it to be useless in the proletarian struggle and believing that the proletariat can do the revolution by itself without needing any forms of organisation other than the soviets.

    Councom.png Council Communists/Dutch-German Left Communists differ from Bordiga.png Italian Left Communists on the idea of the party. This can be seen in Pannekoek's Party and Class[4] and Bordiga's work with the same name[5]. The Dutch-Germans emphasise on autonomous organisations for the working class, in contrast, the Italians uphold the role of the party being the working class itself.


    Council Communism, like the name, implies really likes councils and will usually insist other leftists to get into a Council together before deciding anything.

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    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - If only more people understood what you said.
    • Marxfem.png Marxist Feminism - No democracy can exist unless everyone has an equal voice.
    • Falgsc.png Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism - It is time for mankind to ensure itself of material abundance by establishing a free, self-managed world-society of productive labor, thereby freeing its mental powers for perfecting its knowledge of nature and the universe.
    • Situ.png Situationism - My based son who uses fancy jargon and criticizes consumerism.
    • Luxem.png Rosa Luxemburg - Indeed a true revolutionary leader and communist, however you are an economist and an entryist.


    • Trot.png Trotskyism - We consider Trotsky the most able spokesman for Bolshevism, and he should have been Lenin’s successor. By his revolutionary fervor Trotsky captivated all the dissidents that Stalinism had thrown out of the Communist Parties, and in inoculating them with the Bolshevik virus it rendered them almost incapable of understanding the great new tasks of the proletarian revolution.


    • Synd.png Syndicalism - Trade unions are useless in the struggle against capital!
    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism - You have falsified actual Darwinist theory!
    • Guildsoc.png Guild Socialism - Reactionary!
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Your democracy is only a tyranny of the minority!
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Social democracy and communism are opposed with respect to their immediate practical aims: the first seeks the reorganization of the old bourgeois State; the second, a new political system.
    • HoChiMinh.png Ho Chi Minh Thought - You cracked down on us and the Trotskyists! Luckily enough Ngo Van was able to flee from the scene.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Cope harder, you can't unburn the Reichstag.Wait, it was restored in 1999.
    • Centmarxf.png Kautsky - You forgot your Marxism at home.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - You are merely a natural conclusion of Blanquism.
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - The renegade Kautsky of course has his own disciples.
    • Technocracy.png Scientocracy Small.png Nooc.png Merit.png The intellectuals - Social organization does not depend on qualities of the intellect of a minority. What intellectuals bring along to social organization is only the haughty prejudices of the capitalist class!
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - We fight the Anarchists most energetically, in spite of the fact that they call themselves enemies of capitalism, because they are enemies of the working class movement; because their propaganda always threatens to destroy organization and discipline, the chief weapons of the proletariat in its struggles, and tends to divert the workers from the most important part of their struggle, the conquest of the power of the State.
    • Natbol.png National Bolshevism - No to National-Communism!

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