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    Not to be confused with Corp.png Corporatocracy.

    Corporatism is a economically third position, authoritarian ideology that advocates for the organization of society in different areas of employment like Farm.png agriculture, Strato.png military, Synd.png engineering etc called "corporations" which the government assigns people to and your employment into these is designated by your interests and skills, then the government sets a goal like for example the production of 40,000 cars per month with the expectation the standard is met. He believes in a cross-class system of regulation, in which the workers, employers, and state negotiate with one another in order to most efficiently run the economy and satisfy (in theory) all parties involved.


    Corporatism has to some extent always existed, as its tendencies appear in many authoritarian-leaning states and systems that desire aspects of both a command and market economy. The ideology as a proper concept began with writings commissioned by Pope Leo XIII in 1881, attempting to resurrect the social and economic situation of "Guildsoc.png guild based socialism." Corporatism was also created to some extent to avoid and suppress the Ormarxf.png Marxist concept of class conflict and replace it with class collaboration. Seeking for the state to mediate conflicts between individual firms, employees, and economic sectors (corporations) in order to maximize economic efficiency and social harmony. Corporatism has been popular in many React.png Reactionary and non-Capitalistic right-wing circles, as it functions on a largely collective basis and attempts to stifle over-eager individualism and competitiveness. It was picked up by many former Synd.png Syndicalists who moved on to the emerging Fash.png Fascist movement, having a few things in common despite not wishing to abolish the class structure. It was adopted in practice in Fascist Italy and the Regency of Carnaro, in which economic sectors were given representative authority and state-guaranteed powers of negotiation and arbitration. Despite this strong association with fascism, there were also several Soclib.png Social Liberals who advocated for corporatist economics known as Liberal Corporatism, which rejected traditional corporatism's anti-capitalism and authoritarianism, and was influenced by economist Mill.png John Stuart Mill. This line of thinking was influential in the New Deal era of the United States, and is most prominent today in the Nordmodel.png Nordic Model. On a theoretical level, corporatism has also been influenced by the writings of Emile Durkheim and Ferdinand Tönnies on solidarity and community.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Isn't Corp.png Corporatocracy and will make sure you know that as well as he does.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Corporatism

    Corporatism's flag represents a fasces with out the axe (as in a bundle of sticks), a symbol of corporatist economics and fascism, which corporatism is heavily tied to.

    1. Draw five vertical black lines
    2. Draw two horizontal red lines running through the top and bottom of the black lines
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #1E1E1E 30, 30, 30
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0




    • Cap.png Capitalism - Cringe market economy but at least you have hierarchies.
    • Fash.png Fascism - While I'm honored you chose me as the traditional economy for your system, you've caused people to think of me as the "fascist economy" which is cringe and inaccurate.
    • ML.png Marxism–Leninism - The transitory state you have is cool, but besides that you're cringe.
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism - Getting rid of corporations is kinda cringe.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Another decent form of capitalism. But I'm not that interested in establishing socialism by 2050.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Democracy? Disgusting. Besides that, you're ok.
    • Tito.png Titoism - Cringe like your Marketsoc.png father but at least you have the balls to be authoritarian.
    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - Not exactly the direction I had in mind, too extremely right socially and too decentralized for my liking (feudalism in the 21st century, really?), but at least likes authoritarianism and hierarchies.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Not gonna lie, I like your capitalism but please focus on serving the common interest.
    • Kemal.png Kemalism - Based on your categorization of people by professions, not classes. Solidarisme is based. But why didn't you start corporations?


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