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    Consitutionalism is a non-quadrant ideology that can be defined either as a political system based on the constitution and constitutional methods of governance or as the mechanism of state power limited by the constitution.

    According to Gerhard Casper: "Constitutionalism has both descriptive and prescriptive connotations. Used descriptively, it refers chiefly to the historical struggle for constitutional recognition of the people's right to 'consent' and certain other rights, freedoms, and privileges. Used prescriptively, its meaning incorporates those features of government seen as the essential elements of the... Constitution".


    Constitutionalism has its origins in the ancient Greek constitutions of centuries before our era, which are known only from the works of Aristotle. During the period of the Principate, together with the acts of the Roman Senate, imperial prescriptions of various kinds appeared, which were called constitutions (constitutio ediktum, mandatum, decretum, rescriptum). Their content and place in the development of the legal system of Rome is of interest primarily as a stepping stone into the etymology of the concept.

    Closer to the modern notion of the constitutional acts of the Magna Carta (Cball-England.png Kingdom of England, 1215), Bill of Rights (England, 1688 or 1689), which already see the constitutional ideas of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (Cball-France.png France, 1789) that human rights should be recognized as "natural, inalienable, sacred" are examined.

    The formation of constitutionalism in the world is associated with the formation of the constitutional order in the developed countries of Europe and America during the struggle against Feud.png feudal absolutism in the XVII century.

    Cball-France.png France Frencons.png

    Flag of French Constitutionalists

    The Society of the Friends of the Constitution was initially founded in 1789 by anti-royalist deputies from Brittany. The club eventually grew into a nationwide Republicanismpix.png republican movement, with a membership estimated to be around half a million or more. The club was heterogenous and included the two most prominent French political factions in the early 1790s, Jack.png The Mountain and the Girondi.png Girondins.

    Between 1792 and 1793, the Girondins were the leading faction in the club, but, as Montagnard influence grew within the National Convention, the Girondins were being increasingly sidelined, and they were eventually disbarred from the National Convention, beginning a period of Montagnard dominance that lasted until July 1794.

    The period of Montagnard dominance, known as the Reign of Terror, featured high levels of political violence and a large amount of executions. After multiple suppressed insurrections, the National Convention managed to push the Montagnards out off power and had Robespierre and 21 of his associates executed. The Jacobin Club closed in November 1794.

    Cball-Italy.png Italy ItalianResistance.png


    Cball-Poland.png Poland SPoniat.png

    The first constitution in Poland was ratified by Stanisław August Poniatowski on May 5, 1791, hence the common name Constitution of 3 May 1791, but later it was overthrown by the Tradcon.png Targowica Confederation, supported by the Russians.

    Cball-US.png United States


    How to Draw

    Flag of Constitutionalism
    1. Draw a ball and fill it with the soft yellow color.
    2. Draw a medium dark yellow scroll in the center.
    3. Add eyes and you're done!
    4. (Optional prop) Make the ball hold the constitution by drawing either a scroll or a book.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Soft Yellow #EFE4B0 239, 228, 176
    Medium Dark Yellow #A08A21 160, 138, 33




    • Jack.png Jacobinism - It was going so well... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!
    • Enlightmon.png Enlightened Absolutism - Uh, I guess you're okay, but where's the constitution?
    • Native.png Indigenism - Has some good ideas, but is still a lawless savage. Thanks for letting me plagiarize the great law of peace from you, though.


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    1. Historically for free white men only.
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