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    Classical Social Democracy

    ClassSocDem.png Classical Social Democracy is a movement that has its roots in the GerSPD.png Social Democratic Party of Germany, with most of the theories of it ranging from Ormarxf.png Marxian to even Lassalle.png reformist ones. In spite of this, social democrats are united in believing in the following three ideas, belief in itself being the representative of all non-capitalist classes, belief in the ultimate victory of socialism no matter what or which measure and the belief in the formation of an independent organization of the working class.

    Schools of Thought/Tendencies

    Bernst.png Reformism/Revisionism

    Centmarxf.png Centrism

    Luxem.png Luxemburgist Left

    Dutchgermanleft.png Bremen Left

    Dutchgermanleft.png Bremen Leftists, or Bremenists are a tendency within the Social Democratic Party of Germany that emphasises on the revolutionary role of direct action. Rejecting Kautsky's and Luxemburg's ideas that capitalism will collapse through economic means, the Bremenists advocate for a focus on mass action in working-class organisations and rejection of entryism and "taking over the state". The Bremenists would instead advocate for the abolishment of the state and the creation of a proletarian one. Alongside that, they would place special emphasis in the idea that the basis of reformism is the labour aristocracy and the rejection of national liberation.

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