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    Catholic Theocracy

    Catholic Theocracy, sometimes shortened to CathTheo, is an Sec.png authoritarian, culturally Trad.png right, and an economically Authunity.png center ideology inhabiting the upper center political compass.

    CathTheo seeks to have the values of the Catholic faith uphold as the law and to have a state very closely tied to the Catholic Church.


    On 27th of February of the year 380 AD, the Edict of Thessalonica was issued by emperor Theodosius I, making Christianity the state religion of the SPQR.png Roman Empire, outlawing all other religions and legalizing the prosecution of their followers, establishing the first de facto Catholic Theocracy in the world.

    After the fall of the Roman Empire most of the Germanic tribes that previously practiced Arian Christianity adopted Catholicism in order to ally themselves with the the religious figures of the regions they were invading, leading to most of the former Western Roman Empire remaining a Catholic theocracy loyal to the Vicar of Christ in Rome, while the Eastern Roman Empire evolved into an Orth.png Orthodox Christian Theocracy loyal to the Emperor of Byzantium.

    The Catholic Church maintained various degrees of control across Western Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Perhaps the place where this rule was most dominant was in the Papal States - a territory in central Italy directly under the rule of the Papacy. In other parts of Catholic Europe, the control of the church varied depending on both place and time. On one hand, the church maintained a great deal of sway over secular rulers, and Catholicism was the official state religion of most Western European states until the Protestant Reformation, with the church able to enforce her own laws in Ecclesiastical courts alongside state courts (such as in the Inquisition). On the other hand the church often found itself in conflict with the various monarchies of Europe, most notably in the Investiture Controversey with the Cball-HRE.png Holy Roman Emperors and the 'Babylonian Captivity' in France. The Papal States aside, assorted territories scattered across Europe were under the rule of prince-bishops, mostly located in the German territories.


    How to Draw

    Flag of Catholic Theocracy
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a pope hat.
    3. Fill the hat in very light gray.
    4. Draw an inverted T on the hat in light cream yellow.
    5. Draw the Vatican flag.
      1. Draw a yellow line vertically across the ball.
      2. Fill the left side in yellow.
      3. Draw 2 crossed keys in the right, one golden, the other silver.
      4. Draw red threads tied the keys.
      5. Draw a tiara on top of the keys.
    6. Add the eyes, and you're done!





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