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    Capitalist Transhumanism

    Capitalist Transhumanism ($+) is an economically Cap.png right-wing, radically Transh.png pro-technology ideology.

    $+ believes that Cap.png free markets and advancement of Transh.png human technology are complementary to each other and both should be encouraged.


    ElonMusk.png Muskism

    Muskism is the beliefs of Tesla CEO and personality Elon Musk. He is characterized by the idea that capitalism is the only way to have true social progress. He is generally culturally left but will happily go to culturally right-wing ideologies if it gets him to drive a car with his mind on the moon, which is his one goal in life.

    WEF.png Schwabism



    $+ is presented as being a combination of H+'s and Cap's personalities. He might be presented as a cyberpunk megacorp shareholder/manager. Examples of capitalist transhumanist corporations include Sarif Industries from the Deus Ex video game franchise, or the real-life modern-day company Neuralink. Examples of capitalist transhumanist individuals could include Hugh Darrow and David Sarif from the Deus Ex franchise, or the real-life CEO Elon Musk.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Capitalist Transhumanism

    $+ design is the one of H+ with the "h" replaced with a dollar sign, gold and having a slightly different Vizor

    1. Draw a ball (a thin black border enclosing a white space)
    2. Start at the very top of the inside of the circle, very slightly to the left, and draw an incomplete gold circle around the entire inside of the ball
    3. Draw a golden dollar sign ($), with the top line connecting with the beginning of the circle, with a plus sign (+) next to the dollar sign.
    4. Draw a blue visor and the task's done!




    • Soctrans.png Socialist Transhumanism - Shares opinion on technology, opposite opinion on economics.
    • Soul.png Soulism - How the hell does that hippie have better technologies than me?! And how does he get them magically without paying anything? I need answers! Drone and satellite spies go brrrr...
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - Despises Gates and Schwab, dickrides adores Musk.
    • Yang2020.png Yangism - Musk used to like him.




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