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    Capitalist Communism (CapCom), also called Communo-Capitalism (ComCap) and (Mut-Com) is an ideology representing the unity between the far sides of economic left and far sides of the economic right. It wants the state to use the capitalist zones to the advantage of the communist state. The state is more powerful than the capitalist corporations and is seen to control them. This usually manifests in CapCom representing Dengf.png Dengism (Socialism with Chinese Characteristics), which is basically a communist state that allows capitalism and free-market and free-enterprise in certain zones of its territory.

    It can also manifest into being a vague system in which ownership of Communes is sold on the free market. Capcom can also represent some form of syncretism between Communist and Capitalist systems like Distributist.png Distributism or LeftRothbardianismPix.png Left-Rothbardianism, however unlike these ideologies, it does not combine the more, centrist 'sensible', parts of capitalism and communism, rather combining the most extreme parts of it.


    Champagne Socialism.png Champagne Socialism

    Champagne Socialism is a phrase used to describe self-identified socialists who live lifestyles of luxury and excessive self-interested spending, which conflict with political beliefs of wealth redistribution and anti-capitalism.

    Marketcom.png Market Communism

    Several communist countries, for the economy not to crash, ended up adopting some minor economic reforms that allowed a small market with strong government participation and some cases (China, Vietnam and the NEP) allowed foreign investment, but still, without privately-owned means of production (according to themselves), many times using State Capitalism. Some examples could be Tito's Yugoslavia with its market socialism and certain cooperation with private enterprise, the NEP in Lenin's Soviet Union, the black indigenous entrepreneurship program of the current government in Zimbabwe, China, and Vietnam, especially on Võ Văn Kiệt, contemporary Cuba after some reforms by Raul Castro after the protests, Libya by Muammar Gaddafi among many others.

    CronyCapCom.png Crony Socialism

    Crony Socialism is the utilization of at least a nominally socialist system to give privileges to cronies. It usually manifests itself in a socialist system in decay. For example, the Brezhnev-era USSR gave to party members privileges comparable to the upper class in a modern capitalist system, such as luxury cars and fancy housing.


    CapCom is usually presented as rather eccentric, with them being CCP's (lol no) number one apologist and really loving Pepsi as his drink of choice.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Capitalist Communism

    CapCom's flag is a diagonal bi-colour of OrangeGold (representing Cap.png capitalism) and Red (Representing communism)

    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Draw a Red diagonal line through the ball
    3. Under the red line fill with Red colour, above the line fill with GoldOrange which represents Mutualism

    You're finished!





    Further Information



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    1. Despite many iterations describing the implantations of ″bourgeios socialism″, the term itself is not meant to be taken legitmately
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