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    Caesarism, also called Roman Imperialism, is an authoritarian, economically center ideology that follows the ideals of the Roman Empire. Rome gained wealth through trade and conquest, it would conquer a land, take slaves, and sell the goods made by the slaves. Rome would create a national identity with citizenship, public spaces, and roads. Instead of taxation, Rome would use wealth from conquered lands to pay for necessitates. Much like Merc.png Mercantilism it proved a unity between Cap.png Capitalism and Sec.png Authoritarianism, through using private contractors to build things like aqueducts (public buildings). Caesarism is a very broad ideology since there were many Roman Emperors, Caesar himself did pillage many barbarian villages, but was also noted for land reforms and giving grain to every citizen across the empire. Through this combination, Rome would not fit today's standards of left or right but would be in between, for enslaving barbarians and for feeding all of his citizens through a strong state. Rome would inspire Fash.png Fascism, and many European Monarch.png Monarchies.


    Caesarism, like the name suggests, has a vain/stereotypical personality expected of Roman Emperors. He doesn't know modern English, as he was born and raised in Ancient Rome, speaking Latin.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Caesarism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes
    2. Fill with Red
    3. In Gold, draw an Eagle spanning it's wings, perched on top of what appears to be a nest with thunder bolts underneath it.
    4. Draw a gold ring encompassing the sides of the ball.
    5. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    And you're done

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Crimson #811A2B 129, 26, 43
    Gold #F5A319 245, 163, 25


    Amici (Friends)

    • Farm.png Agrarianismus - Conservus frumenti amator. (Fellow grain-lover.)
    • Populare.png Popularismus - Gratias pro auxilio, amice. (Thanks for the help, friend.)
    • Imp.png Imperialismus - Multa bella via / bellum cum eo itinera fecit. (Had many nice road/war trips with him.)
    • Merc.png Mercantilismus - Augens opes civitatis, fines tuos amplificans, aristocratiam potentem, sed mercatorem aeque potentem, quid non ames? (Increasing the wealth of the state, expanding your borders, a powerful aristocracy but an equally powerful merchant class, what's not to love?)
    • Republicanismpix.png Respublicanismus - Rempublicam amo. (I love the republic.)
    • Ford.png Fordismus - Panem et circenses da eis, et nunquam defectionem. (Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.)

    Neutrum (Mixed)

    • Res Publica.png Respublicanismus Romana (Pre-44 BC) - Idem homo sumus! (We're the same person!)
    • Pirat.png Hydrarchia - Aliquid iocum habui apud vos praedones, sed adhuc moriendum est, doleo. (I had some fun with you pirates but you still have to die, sorry.)
    • Authdem.png Democratia Imperiosa -Bene, at certe melior es quam homunculus infra. (Well, at least you're better than the guy below.)
    • Dem.png Democratia - Non es bonus sicut homunculus supra. (You're not good as the guy above.)
    • Fash.png Fascismus - Agnosco conatum, sed id pudet. (I appreciate the attempt, but that was just embarrassing.)
    • Christy.png Christiana Theocratia - Oderam te primo, sed tandem ad te veni edicto Thessalonicae. (I hated you at first, but eventually I came around to you with the Edict of Thessalonica.)
    • Gay.png GLBT - Accipiam te antequam ad Christianismum convertas. Quamdiu eras a summo. (I was accepting of you before converting to Christianity. Just as long as you were a top.)

    Inimici (Unfriendly)

    Further Information






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    2. Tacitus, Annales, XIII, 25

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