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    Bonapartism is an Authoritarian Right (in today's standards) but for the time it was left for the modern Civil Code and equality before law. It was a culturally center ideology, located near the border with the authoritarian left quadrant, supervening from Napoleon Bonaparte and his followers and successors. in the strict sense, it aims to establish an imperial regime in France at the head of which would be placed a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte and in the broadest sense, it aims to establish a nation state with a strong and centralized executive which is authoritarian and largely undemocratic, but Republican in essence and which regularly consults the will of the people through plebiscites. Bonapartism is a very big tent ideology; Napoleon III once commented on the ideological diversity of his court, saying "The Empress is a Reactcross.png Legitimist, Morny is an Conmon.png Orléanist, Prince Napoleon is a Republicanismpix.png Republican, and I myself am a Utsoc.png Socialist. There is only one Bonaparte.png Bonapartist, Arist.png Persigny - and he is mad!"


    After the death of Jack.png Maximilien Robespierre, the French Directory controlled France. This government was extremely unpopular, so a young Corsican boy by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the government and proclaimed himself the First Consul. Then eventually, as he protected France and expanded his borders, he gained more and more popularity and therefore crowned himself as Emperor.


    Bonapartism supports the Enlightenment and supports spreading its values everywhere, however; he is also a pragmatist and thus doesn't support too much radical change.

    He wants to usurp the throne of Spain & really hates Russia for some reason.

    How to Draw

    Napoleon flag.svg
    1. Draw a ball and color the tricolor French flag inside it.
    2. In the center draw the coat of arms of the First French Empire.
    3. Draw the eyes.
    4. Optionally, draw it wearing Napoleon Bonaparte's hat.

    You're done!





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