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    Blog:Mod Blog (2023; Week 36)

    By Athena
    "I wanna dance for eternity, so just fill my legs with the nanotech!" - Prog-u.png Pat, The Northern Boys

    Hello everyone! This is my first mod blog post, and this week we've had loads to do and we have done!


    Going along smoothly. Soon enough we will be on an alternate host.


    By Athena, "you look lonely"


    There's a new POSTHUMANISMICON.png Post-Humanist category, filled with ideologies that reject their flesh.


    Postindusnewicon.png Post-Industrialism, Marxfemnewicon.png Marxist Feminism and Cyborgfem.png the Cyborgian Feminism variant all got re-designed by the lovely Insamarechale. All credit goes to them.

    Khomenewicon.png Khomeinism Got a new design alongside it's old one, once again designed by Insmarechale.


    Authoritarian Democracy has been renamed to IllibDem.png Illiberal Democracy by Afunhumaninter, thank you.

    Left Communism has been renamed to LeftCom.png Italian Left Communism


    Liberal Democracy.png Liberal Democracy is now a sub-ideology of both Dem.png Democracy and Lib.png Liberalism
    Prohib.png Prohibitonism is now a sub-ideology of Paternalism.png Paternalism
    Statist.png Statism is now a sub-ideology of both Sec.png Authoritarianism and Unitary.png Centralism)

    ReactFemicon1.png Reactionary Feminism ReactFemicon2.png is now a school of thought of Confem.png Conservative Feminism
    RelH+icon.png Religious Transhumanism is now a school of thought of Transh.png Transhumanism
    Sunni.png Sunni Theocracy is now a school of thought of Muslim.png Islamic Democracy

    ChrH+icon.png Christian Transhumanism ChrH+iconalt.png is now a regional tendency of Transh.png Transhumanism (i like this one :3)


    Alright, I think that's it. Hopefully soon we will move, and I hope you enjoy the changes! Absolutely nothing more happenned this week! - Athena-von-Krab.png Athena

    what the fuck is a revolutionary council

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