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    Blog:Mod Blog (2023; Week 24)

    Welcome to this weeks Mod Blog I hope you enjoy the new changes. With this week we have great news. We have surpassed 200 variants!

    Changes of the Week


    Removed Pages

    We are currently in the process of removing VHMent.png Voluntary Human Extinction but due to technical issues and delays it has to stay a bit longer around.

    New Pages

    Welcome the new ideology of the wiki. We introduce Paternalism.png Paternalism. We hope you enjoy this new character.



    We have removed deprecated fields for the Infobox template wherever we could find them. These include:

    |book = 
    |movie = 
    |year = 
    |country = 
    |founder = 
    |preceded = 
    |succeeded = 
    |14words =
    |greatest_achievement = 
    |gangs = 
    |family =

    Capitalist Navbox CSS

    We have updated the capitalist navbox to have a new CSS check it out at here

    Design Changes


    We changed Capitalism's color scheme from

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FFFF00 255, 255, 0
    Acid Green #0AD70A 10, 215, 10


    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FFCC00 255, 204, 0
    Dark Green #008000 0, 128, 0

    to make the whole design easier on the eyes.


    Variant Renamings

    Cball-Yugoslavia-old.png Pan-Yugoslavism was renamed to Cball-Yugoslavia-old.png Yugoslavism as the 'Pan-' was redundant.

    Variant Removal

    PostModAn.png Post-Modern Anarchism has been removed as a variant for being redundant.

    New Variants

    The following new variants have been added:

    Turned into Variants

    VHMent.png Voluntary Human Extinction has been turned into a school of though of Anti-Natalism.png Antinatalism


    That would be the end of this Mod Blog. If you want to discuss these changes go to the talk page.

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