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    Black Nationalism, Black Marxism, Socialist Black Nationalism, Maoist Black Nationalism, or Revolutionary Black Nationalism, advocates social, political, and economic empowerment of black communities and people, especially to resist assimilation into common culture (through integration or otherwise), and maintain a distinct identity. Some propose that Africans in the United States were a nation within a nation "New Afrika", and that this nation is subject to Internal colonialism. On the societal scale the ideology is usually progressive but some of its followers can be rather conservative.

    Black Nationalism varies in how extreme it is. Many black nationalists seek black empowerment or liberation, but do not wish to form a society exclusively for black people. On the more extreme side, Black Separatism wants black people to form their own nation, and separate themselves from white people and other non-black races. On an even more extreme end, Black Supremacism believes not only that black people should form a black-only society, but that they are inherently superior to other races, genetically or otherwise.


    In Africa

    AZAPO.png AZAPO Cball-South Africa.png

    AZAPO.png AZAPO or Azanian People's Organisation, is a ScientificSoc.png Scientific Socialist Cball-South Africa.png South African party. It emerged as a party in 1978, even though it had already existed as a movement. In Cball-South Africa alt.png 1987, the party was banned, but it was unbanned in 1990. AZAPO had an armed wing called the Azanian National Liberation Army (AZANLA), in which it fought in the first gulf war with the support of Cball-China.png China, Cball-Iran.png Iran, Tito.png Yugoslavia, etc. He also supports SOPA (Socialist Party of Anzania). The main foundations are: Coloured.png Black Consciousness, ScientificSoc.png Scientific Marxist Socialism, Cball-South Africa.pngSouth Africa's Isolation.png isolation and Cball-South Africa alt.png anti-apartheid.

    Mug.png ZANU-PR Cball-Zimbabwe.png

    Main Article: Mug.png Mugabeism

    In the Dispora

    Haitian Revolution

    Black Nationalist ideas started to pop up in Haiti ever since the Cball-FranceKingdom2.png French Revolution. In fact, the Haitian Revolution was directly inspired by the same revolution in France, mainly because the riddance of a monarchy led to a power vacuum meant to be filled in. This was the chance for the enslaved people of St. Dominique (now modern-day Cball-Haiti.png Haiti). The conditions for the majority there had always been very poor. The Backstory was there was a class system, where the white class would be the richest, and the majority of African people would be free slave labour, living in horrible conditions. Either way they would be killed, from the activity itself or the punishments for refusing to participate in the activity. Many complained of these conditions.

    Considering France was at war with most of Europe, the slaves had a huge advance. The Jack.png Jacobins planned to use Reform.png Reforms to keep the Haitian people under their control, or as allies to the Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment. Both Louverture.png Toussaint L'Ouverture and Desalin.png Jean-Jacques Dessalines didn´t care and started the Armée Indigène (Indigenous Army) where they still went on to recruit as many slaves wherever they went. After the Voodoo conference, it would forever change the lives of the Haitian people. The revolt started, and everything became anarchy and chaos. Louverture.png Toussaint L'Ouverture, one of the freed slaves, adopted the ideas of the Jack.png Jacobins against them as part of the rebellion in Haiti. European powers such as Cball-Spanish Empire.png Spain, supported these uprisings.

    Both the Cball-FranceKingdom2.png French and Louverture.png rebels made a temporary alliance when Cball-GB.png British troops attacked. Cball-Spanish Empire.png Spain also joined in on harassing French troops. In the end, the French and their former slaves sought victory, and slavery was eventually abolished, but it had not stayed long until both sides when back to fighting for a reason:

    Bonaparte.png Napoleon Bonaparte became the president of France. Bonaparte didn´t want the slaves to have rights and the two sides went back to fighting.

    Louverture's then appealed to Bonaparte.png Napoleon of his 1801 Constitution. It made him the governor of St-Domingue and forced him to recognize the autonomy of the colony. The following year, Louverture.png Toussaint Louverture was invited to a conference in France. To a surprise, this was all a plot to arrest him. Upon his arrest, he was taken as hostage. He died the next year.

    Eventually, Desalin.png Dessalines declared Haiti an independent state. He was emperor for two years before being assassinated. Despite the loss of two great fighters against colonialism, this was the first successful rebellion in the Caribbean.

    Markus Garvey


    Black Panther Party


    Frantz Fanon


    Malcolm X


    Nation of Islam


    How to Draw

    Flag of Black Nationalism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Divide into three even horizontal sections
    3. Fill top with red, middle with black, and bottom with green
    4. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #E31B22 227, 27, 34
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Green #00853E 0, 133, 62

    Personality & Behavior

    Black Nationalism often comes off as aggressive and quick to accuse. In comics, people often use him to fill the 80's or 90's hip-hop star character. Other notes include:

    Stylistic Notes

    some props for Black Nationalism to have:

    • A kente kufi
    • Some jewelry


    Da Homies


    • Strato.png Stratocracy - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I want you to overthrow Klep.png him, not become him!
    • Blackzio.png Black Zionism - WHAAA???????
    • Consocf.png Conservative Socialism - MLK Junior?
    • Long.png Longism - Thanks for giving education. BUT HOW DARE YOU SAY THE N-WORD IN A INTERVIEW?!
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Good heartened but class reductionist.
    • Trot.png Trotskyism - My boy ML don't like you.
    • Native.png Indigenism & Indigenous Anarchism.png Indigenous Anarchism - Long live the republic of New Afrika! A land for the true inhabitants of this land... Wait, Who are you?
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Aren't you just red Neoliberal.png Neolib? GET YOUR INFLUENCE OUT OF AFRICA. Well, you actually want to help Africans. But why do your people even hate us anyways?
    • Jacobin.png Jacobinism - Frenchie who wanted to keep the people of St. Domingue (Haiti) in french chains, but good that you think slavery is cringe.
    • Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - I´m more influenced from Racenat.png Racial Nationalism, but my early followers fought for equality. That´s good to you, right?
    • Blackan.png Anarkata - I understand your struggle, but you should need a state.
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - Racist cr**ker and one of my worst enemies but our separatist variants work well together.
    • Griffinism.png Griffinism - You are similar to the guy above, but at least you support us.
    • RightNazbol.png National Bolshevism - Based racial state, but you love white supremacy plus you are a Nazi. At least in the meme version.
    • Ghandi.png Gandhian Socialism - Racist!!! Stop Calling K*ffir!!! At least you became anti-racist later in your life.
    • Black Islamism.png Black Islamism - You may be my brother, but stop giving me a bad name with your reactionary rants.
    • Antifa.png Anti-Fascism - We are different from other nationalists!
    • Nazcap-Hat.png National Capitalism - Filthy Racist Capitalist, but Markus Garvey is based.
    • FPR(Rwanda).png Kagameism - You give the proof Africans can have a better future. Thanks for saving Cball-Rwanda.png Rwanda from Hutupower.png those maniacs. Still too neoliberal for my need.


    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Why does "literal fuckin autism" have a page?
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Racist! F*** 12! ACAB!
    • Fash.png Fascism - Piss off, never forget the atrocities you did in Ethiopia!
    • Mediastocracy flair.png Mediacracy - የትግራይ ክልልን ውሸትና ፕሮፓንዳጋ በትክክለኛ የኢትዮጵያ ሸክላ እንዴት ማሰራጨት ቻላችሁ!
    • Demcr.png Democratism - Racist Trumpism.png Trump supporter! Thank god I´m not voting for you.
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - Fuck you! You don't care for Africans, you only care for the wealth European governments give you corrupt pig! Overthrowing you in Mali and Burkina Faso was the best thing ever.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - A moderate version of Imp.png them! You killed our heroes Gaddafi, Lumumba, and Sankara! You are a massive threat to Africa and Africanism, as our lands aren't your playground.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - So all this time, you help Klep.png corrupt leaders get into power in African countries so that you can get access to all the resources. But when someone who actually cares for the continent goes against your wishes, you send the Necon.png hitman to kill or overthrow them and repeat the process.
    • Zio.png Zionism - Racist k*ke! (But thanks for letting us have a child together.)
    • Conserv.png Conservatism - You are literally a redneck in moderate clothing.
    • Cball-CSA.png Confederalism - SEE? Quit the ¨bUt mUh sTaTe´s rITes!!!¨ bullshit before I'll break New Afrika from your lands.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - HOW DARE YOU MAKE ACCUSATIONS OF MY PEOPLE! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The Horror on the Rhine was just a nasty excuse of racist propaganda to sterilize blacks! Don't you dare send me to a sterilizing camp again! (I don't know why my Black Islamism.png brother likes you.)
    • WhiteCap.png White Capitalism - Racist! You’re just Whitesup.png them but even worse and capitalist!
    • Mobutism.png Mobutism - Necon.png Neocon puppet!
    • OchloAngry.png Ochlocracy - Fuck the KKK!
    • React.png Reactionarism - No, I'm returning to the times when I was treated like an object! And no, I don't want to return to times BEFORE I was an object, I am not a tribalist without black conciousness.
    • Bidenism.png Jim Crow Joe - Racist segregationist!
    • Gaullismicon2.png Gaullism - Cry and seethe all you want Charles, but remember, we fought for your ass to liberate your homeland. Never forget yet what you did to Guinea!
    • Vaushism.png Vaushism - Equating my ideology with Whitesup.png his? F*** you.
    • LeopoldII.png Leopold II Thought - Racist monarchist! F*** you for what You did to Congo! I will cut off both of your hands in revenge.
    • Hutupower.png Hutu Power - Stop black infighting! The hate of Tutsi and Hutu was caused by white imperialism! We must work together against it!

    Further Information




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