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    Black Lilyism is a syncretic, culturally far-right, anarchist ideology based on the Black Lily (or Lys Noir) movement in France. It is an Anmona.png anarcho-monarchist ideology,[1][2] being one of the few real life movements to support the otherwise satirical ideology. Despite its self-proclaimed far-right nature, it takes inspiration from various far-left, Pop.png populist, and Neolud.png neoluddite thinkers, ideologies and movements including Pierre Poujade, the Polpot.png Khmer Rouge, Jacques Ellul, Theodore Kaczynski, the degrowth movement, Situ.png post-situationism, ultra-leftism and Auton.png autonomism.[1]


    Black Lilysm or (Lys noir) refers to the beliefs of French controversial figure Rodolphe Crevele (assuming it is his real name) founder of the “Organisation George Bernanos”(from the eponymous author’s name). The Black lily movement was created in 2011 and remains a fringe far-right organization in France known for its controversial and nearly satirical actions such as promoting the candidacy to the presidency of French popular singer Hugues Auffray in  2017.


    Black Lylism promotes the return to a heavily decentralized agrarian monarchy and the destruction of all forms of modernism and modernity claiming that modern technology aims to enslave people.Black Lylism want to restrict technology by, for example, banning television and video games. Black Lylism also rejects liberal economics and promotes nationalization of banking and a strong welfare state.

    Black lilysm claims to be promoting a vision of so-called “Hyper France” and to defend the concept of “Ancient man” meaning a pre-modern society man, as a result  he opposes Gay.png LGBT rights and wants to enact policies to promote an Farm.png agrarian traditional lifestyle such as subsidizing cabins in the woods for everyone (yes it is in his program you can look it up). At the difference of more mainstream Monarch.png monarchist movement Black Lylism does not support Orleanism nor typical Legitimism claiming that the two claimants to the throne have been too much corrupted by modern society. Instead Black Lilysm embraces the claims of Charles Xaviee de Boubon Parme (member of a minor branch of the bourbon family) whose father Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma was known for his unorthodox advocacy of Euskadi Carlism.png carlism and socialism in Spain. Black Lilysm is racist and advocates for a partition of the French territory between Muslim 2.png Muslims (he uses the French equivalent of the N-word for arabs: “bougnoules” to describe them) and “true French” people. Black lylism is also heavily anti-atlantist and instead promotes the creation of a “PanLatin.png latin union”. Finally Black Lylism embraces the promotion of Catheo.png Catholicism and faith based on the writings of French author George Bernanos.


    Black Lylism is histrionic and wants to be remarked even if he is nearly always ignored. He has an obsessive personality and can rant with anger about the evils of modern society for hours even if he is alone. He is also mischievous and do not hesitate to trick people in order to advance his causes. He also talks only in (vulgar) French since he does not want to even speak the language of the anglo-saxon menace.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Black Lilyism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it black.
    2. In the middle draw out a white circle and draw a black fleur de lis inside.
    3. (optional) draw a crown as an accessory.



    • Reactsoc.png Reactionary Socialism - Basically me but less extreme, you should support monarchy and get rid of the state too.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - I want to name streets after Kaczynski! My brother.
    • Mladorossi.png Mladorossism - My Russian friend and ancestor! Should be more agrarian though.
    • Natan.png National Anarchism - Traditionalist, anarchist, anti-capitalist, anti-technology? You at least understand me? Right?


    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - Your economics are ok, your social views too (although too moderate) but you should embrace agrarianism and finance cabins in the woods for everyone!
    • Antcent.png Anti-Centrism - In a sense I kinda look like you. Maybe I will become popular too!
    • Agsoc.png Agrarian Socialism - Economically based but could you please be more conservative.
    • Anmona.png Anarcho-Monarchism - Although I self describe as an anarcho-monarchist, you are far too much of a libertarian, also why don’t you realize the evilness of capitalism and modernism putain!?
    • Integral Nationalism.png Integral Nationalism - While you influenced me, I finally rejected most of your doctrine. Faith is more than a social pillar, bordel! Also stop supporting those Orleanists bastards! They are conmans.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - You are my maman! What… you don’t recognize me but I am your beloved son, right? RIGHT?


    • Pinochet-hat.png Pinochetism - I also wanted to kill leftist at one point but not to enact dumb modernist capitalist policies based on Uncle Sam’s desires! Helicopters are not agrarian enough too!!
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - NO TO MCNUKES! YES TO CABINS IN THE WOODS! One more time everyone: NON TO… Am I alone once again?
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - How can you say that wanting to ban TV and restrict internet, to enact segregation and to nationalize banking is not in accordance with liberty?
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - You dirty American status quo! You want to slowly destroy us!
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - You are evil incarnate!
    • Jack.png Jacobinism - You were the root of our problems! Be your damné influence be destroyed!
    • LiberMon.png Libertarian Monarchism- You want to promote monarchy and capitalism! You are misguided you petit con!
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - We will not be ruled by Muslims!

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