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    Ba'athism, also known as Saddamism or Assadism (depending if it's Iraq or Syria respectively), is an Authoritarian unity, Arab Nationalist, culturally variable, and Anti-Zio.pngZionist Ideology. In the political compass he is close to Authoritarian center, towards the left. He believes in a unified Arab state led by a revolutionary government under a vanguard party. He is very anti-pornography, hates wahhabists and theocracies, and despises (western) imperialism.



    The origins of Ba'athism began with Zaki al-Arsuzi and Michel Aflaq. While Aflaq, Bitar and Arsuzi were never members of the same organization, they are considered the founders of Baathism. Arsuzi formed the Arab Baath Party in 1940 and his views influenced Aflaq, who alongside junior partner Salah al-Din al-Bitar founded the Arab Ihya Movement in 1940 that later renamed itself the Arab Baath Movement in 1943. Though Aflaq was influenced by him, Arsuzi did not cooperate with Aflaq's movement. Arsuzi suspected that the existence of the Arab Ihya Movement, which occasionally titled itself "Arab Baath", was part of an imperialist plot to prevent his influence over the Arabs by creating a movement of the same name. When Arsuzi left the League of Nationalist Action (LNA) party in 1939 after its leader died and the party had fallen into disarray, he founded the short-lived Arab National Party in 1939 and dissolved it later that year. On 29 November 1940, Arsuzi founded the Arab Baath.


    A significant conflict and turning point in the development of Baathism occurred when Arsuzi's and Aflaq's movements sparred after the 1941 coup d'etat by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani and the Anglo-Iraqi War. Aflaq's movement supported al-Gaylani's government and the Iraqi government's war against the British and organized volunteers to go to Iraq and fight for the Iraqi government. However, Arsuzi opposed al-Gaylani's government, considering the coup to be poorly-planned and a failure. At this point, Arsuzi's party lost members and support that transferred to Aflaq's movement. Subsequently, Arsuzi's direct influence in Arab politics collapsed after Vichy French authorities expelled him from Syria. The Arab Baath Movement's next major political action was its support of Lebanon's war of independence from France in 1943. The Arab Baath Movement did not solidify for years until it held its first party congress in 1947, when it merged with the Arab Socialist Party led by Akram al-Hawrani to establish the Arab Socialist Baath Party.

    Cball-Syria.png Syria

    Assadism, a Syrian form of Ba'athism, came to power in Syria in 1963 when the Ba'ath Party was established as the ruling party in Syria. The Ba'ath Party stayed a unified group in Syria and its neighbors until 1966 when it splittered into the Syrian and Iraqi dominated factions. Syrian Ba'athist Party member Bashar Hafez al-Assad became the the 19th president of Syria in 2000 and had eventually led to him being discredited by many as being an authoritarian dictatorship. This led to major protests by Syrian civilains which eventually spiraled into a rebellion by 2011, largely coordinated by the self-acclaimed 'Syrian Opposition', leading into a full on civil war when the opposition splinttered along the lines of Islamic Democracy.png Islamic Democrats, Muslim 2.png Sunni fundementalists, Nalib.png National Liberals and sometimes, even Jihad.png Jihadists. As time passed, within the northern region of the nation, many of the Kurdish minority, having felt neglected and ignored by the Syrian government, unified under the ideology and Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism and later also got involved in the war under the administration of the "autonomous region" of Rojava.png Rojava. The Cball-Isis.pngIslamic State got involved in 2013 but lost most of its territory by 2017. The Cball-FSA.png Free Syrian Army also came into existense as a loose collection of militant factions within the Islamic Democracy.png Islamic Democrats without any singular unifying ideology, however were all unified by the desire to overthrow the Syrian Ba'athists and Assad. Eventually, overtime, the large-support of the opposition eventually began to die out within the population, which has led to a large amount of rebel-owned territory being lost, with many rebel factions that are currently still active in the civil-war either being allied or ideologically aligned with hard-core Muslim 2.png Islamist fundementalists, Jihad.png Jihadists, Ottoman.png Pro-Turkish Insurgents, or having integrated themselves within the administration of Rojava.png Rojava and the SDF, with those who did the ladder tended to follow more liberal-leaning ideologies, with many factions following ideologies such as moderate Syrian Patriotism, secularism, Dem.png Democracy, anti-racism, or even alligning with the ideology of Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism, with certain rebel factions including but not limiting, the Cball-FSA.png The Army of Revolutionaries, Cball-IraqiKurdistan.png The Kurdish Front, PanTurk.png The Seljuk Brigade, Cball-FSA.png Northern Democratic Brigade, Cball-FSA.png Northern Sun Battalion, Cball-FSA.png Idlib Revolutionaries Brigade, Cball-FSA.png Jaysh al-Salam, and the Cball-FSA.png Euphrates Jarabulus Battalions to name a few most well known SDF-FSA groups. Assyrian SDF allied groups such as the Syriac Union Party hold their own ideology of Dawronoyeicon.png Dawronoye which takes great influence from Democratic Confederalism while promoting Nationalism and autonomy for indigenous Assyrians, as well as being affiliated with certain moderate opposition groups such as the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change.

    During the history of Assad and his rule, he has been criticized during his leadership for being ruthless in his efforts to defeat the opposition. For example, he has been widely regarded for being responsible for numerous war crimes during the civil conflict, such as with the Ghouta chemical attacks in 2013, where bombs and sarin gas was used indiscriminately in civilian populations, as well as the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack in 2017 where similar methods of bombing, airstrikes, and sarin gas were used leading to numerous civilian casualties.

    For more information of war crimes done by the Syrian Opposition, see Islamic Democracy *wip*

    Cball-Iraq.png Iraq Hussein.png

    Hussein.png Saddamism, an Iraqi form of Ba'athism, came to power in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was established as a dictator in 1968 by the Iraqi-dominated faction of the Ba'athist party due to the 17 July Revolution. Saddam also entered a war against Cball-Iran.png Iran during the Iran-Iraq War, but almost lost until Saudi aid came. Saddam then made peace with Iran. In 1990, Saddamist Iraq invades and annexes Kuwait after a 2-day campaign. This is met with distaste from the international community which led to an invasion in 1991. Iraq eventually loses the war but Saddam Hussein retains power, but the country is stripped of a lot of its resources. After feeling betrayed by Arab nations from the war, Saddam started to shift away from Arab nationalism to implementing more Islamic laws in Iraq (which would later be called the "Faith Campaign"). Iraq was invaded by a Cball-US.png US-led international coalition in 2003, who took down the Saddamist regime, disbanded the Iraqi Republican Guard, and attempted to establish a republic. This republic would fail and lead to years of violence all the way to 2017 in the Iraq War that including Khom.png Khomeinists, Demcon.png Democratic Confederalists, Jihad.png Jihadists, and (after 2013) the Cball-Isis.png Islamic State. Several Saddamists and Ba'athists would attempt to regain power in Iraq during the Iraq War until 2006 when Saddam Hussein was executed by the US government, ending the Ba'athist age.

    Today, pro-Saddam Ba'athist parties still remain, although unpopular with limited influence in Iraqi politics.


    The Arab nation is a united Arab state that would would transform the Arab world politically, economically, intellectually and morally. Liberty is freedom and would be ensured by a Baath party which was not elected by the populace because the party had the common good at heart. Ba'athism likes socialism because they think it would be necessary for the Arabs to achieve an Arab state. Islam would be admired by all but not imposed onto the state and society.

    Personality and Behavior

    Ba'athism is very anti-pornography. Whenever someone goes to watch porn he pops out of nowhere and says stuff like "YOU HAVE BEEN ASSADED!!!". He hates Wahhabists and theocracies. He sees them as a threat and often goes on rants on how they are "fake muslims". He despises imperialism and imperialists. He gets very violent whenever he sees one. He hates being called just another ideology based around Sec.png Authoritarianism. "I AM NOT HIM! WE ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE! IT'S A LIE BY Necon.png Neoconservatism AGAIN!", he says in a very deep voice.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Ba'athism

    Ba'athism's design is based on the flag of the Arab Socialist Baʽath Party.

    1. Draw a ball with eyes and fill it white
    2. Draw a black stripe on top
    3. Draw a green stripe on the bottom
    4. Draw something like a Beret and add the Baathist Iraq Coat of Arms on it
    5. Draw a red triangle in the far left middle of the ball, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #DF0000 223, 0, 0
    Black #0D0D0D 13, 13, 13
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Green #00823E 0, 130, 62



    • Absoc.png Arab Socialism - My father. I have more radical and extreme views however he taught me a lot and we agree on many stuff.
    • Strato.png Stratocracy - Literally me!
    • Soc.png Socialism - I'm a socialist but not the marxist kind. The whole idea with a stateless moneyless society is just insane. I'm fine with a one-party dictatorship with nationalized oil and minerals.
    • Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - Good trading partner for the most part and my Syrian side have been you in denial for the past 3 decades.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Fellow authcap in denial. Have been one of my main arms suppliers since the 1980s. Why did you arm Khomeini too during the Iran-Iraq War
    • Nazcap-Hat.png National Capitalism - Wagner Group is based!
    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - This is the way. Let's destroy capitalist globalists and zionists together.
    • Juche.png Juche - Juche gang! Hereditary dictatorship is based!
    • Chavismo.png Chavismo - My best friend in the west! Stay strong Maduro.
    • Castro.png Castroism - My second best friend in the west!
    • Putin.png Putinism - Friendly pal. My Syrian side strongly supports you. I have to say, thank you very much for saving Assad from Jihad-2.png Jihadism and Necon.png Neocon terrorists.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Hey, uh, I'm not too keen on the whole Communism stuff, but as an ally, you rock! You also gave me plenty of support. Together we will fight Western imperialists and Jihadists!
    • Bundis.png Bundism - Finally, a good jewish ideology!
    • Tito.png Titoism - I stood by your grave at your funeral longer than the others for a reason.Rest in Peace, Tito!


    • Cap.png Capitalism - My Iraqi side hated you but my Syrian side have been warming up to free-market capitalism since the 1990s.
    • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy - One party is enough but my Syrian side have been forced to accept some form of controlled opposition in recent times to give an impression of democracy.
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - Litterally me! You were one of the main causes to the Syrian civil war.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Western devil who've been trying to pit my Iraqi side and Syrian side against each other throughout the course of history. He aided the Iraqi Baath Party to supress communists after the ramadan revolution and gave Saddam weapons to counter Iran during 1970s-1980s. Syria was part of the Gulf War coalition to kick out Saddam's troops from Kuwait. Then he invaded Iraq and disbanded the Baath party which led to the rise of Isis. In the early stages of the War on Terror, Bashar allowed him to use Syria for his torture program. Then he had the nerve fund the Syrian Opposition to seize Syrian oil fields. And then we became allies again to defeat Isis. You truly like to create your own enemies so you can defeat them later.
    • 3way.png Third Way - Similar to above. Tony Blair made UK an ally of the US in the Iraq War to topple Saddam but he had good relations with Assad. I'm glad that Barack Obama eventually came to his senses and ended Timber Sycamore to focus on Isis instead but Hillary Clinton is just deranged.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Bashar reluctantly embraced the free-market in the early 2000s to appease the west. Privatized schools and schools and legalized private banks. However the civil war made him reconsider your policies.
    • Antijap.png Anti-Japaneseism - Fellow Anti-Weeb, although I don't have anything wrong with Japanese people, but I do with your ideology.
    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - You might not be muslim but you're better than the zionists.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - Just because I respect his Christy.png right to exist doesn't mean I'm an infidel!
    • Khom.png Khomeinism - My Iraqi side wants to kill you, but my Syrian side loves you. At least we both hate Necon.png Neoconservatism.
    • Fash.png Fascism - A useful ally, but we have radically different goals. At least we both hate Israel.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism - Same as above, but is socialist like me. We both hate Zio.png Zionists.
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - We're ideologically very different. However, Ron Paul thinks Assad must stay, so you're ba'ased.
    • UKUKIP.png Faragism - Similar to above, you're generally non-interventionist, so that means you don't really want me toppled either. I'll let you pass.
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Thanks for your support. But get off the internet, it's degenerating your brain.


    • Demsocstar.png Democratic Socialism and Socdem.png Social Democracy - I jailed Riad al-Turk for 20 years but had to release him during the Damascus spring to give an impression of democracy.
    • MuslimBrotherhood.png Muslim Brotherhood - Hama Massacre go brrrrrr...
    • Trot.png Trotskyism and Hoxha.pngHoxhaism - The two most obnoxious commies in history. Your ideological purism get me on my nerves.
    • Zio.png Zionism - Oppressor of Palestinian Muslim Brothers and the reason why Middle East is in conflict. Can't Mossad the Assad!
    • Labzion.png Labour Zionism - We could have been brothers but you had to be Zionist.
    • Bidenism.png Bidenism - Stop bombing me you senile bastard!
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - I had my hopes for you as you used to condemn military interventions but then you proceeded to bomb me!
    • Macron.png Macronism - Same as above!
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - Leave. We don't need your dirty theocracy on our land!
    • Cball-FSA.png Free Syrian Army - Rebel scum!
    • Demcon.png Democratic Confederalism - Leave.
    • Dawronoyeicon.png Dawronoye - Why can't you Assyrians stop complaining and supporting those rebel groups? At least DemCon wasn't as pro-rebel.
    • Kahan.png Kahanism - "Greater Israel"? Oh no, you don't.
    • Ottoman.png Neo-Ottomanism - NO, YOU F*CK OFF, ERDOĞAN!
    • Reform.png Reformism - F*ck you, only the revolutionary vanguard will succeed!
    • Neobert.png Neo-Libertarianism - Aren't you just Necon.png Neoconservatism again but Libertarian?
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - You are literally worshiping the Devil, still better than Zionism Zio.png!
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - Yes, I did burn your oil. you greedy exploiter.
    • IslamCap.png Islamic Capitalism - Greedy Zionist-bootlicking capitalist who is also the reason the Middle East is in conflict!

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