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    The Art Guidelines is a set of guidelines for drawing polcompballs and icons, and are the official means of drawing them.

    Drawing Polcompballs


    1. Draw a ball; don't use the circle tool, the ball looks bland when used. Draw a triangle, cube or clover if it is represented as such.
    2. Draw on what's represented on the ball. If it predominantly uses black, don't use pure black (#000000); instead, use a slightly lighter shade like #141414, or #191919.
    3. Draw two eyes on the balls. The eyes should be purely white unless the ideology explicitly has pupils like Ingsocf.png Ingsoc. Use a singular eye, differently colored eyes, etc. only if it is meant to be represented as such.

    You're done!

    Do NOT

    Do NOT use them on polcompballs unless it is represented on the ball.

    1. Do NOT use pupils on balls. The only exception is Ingsocf.png Ingsoc.
    2. Do NOT use hair on balls, especially facial hair. The only exceptions are Apolit.png Apoliticism and Gero.png Gerontocracy.
    3. When drawing the ball, you can use anti-aliasing, but as long as it DOESN'T show white anti-aliasing artifacts.
    4. When drawing the eyes, do NOT use eyelashes or eyebrows on the ball.
    5. Do NOT add limbs to the ball. The only exception is Senatorialism (Tentacles).png Senatorialism.
    6. When drawing what's represented on the ball, do NOT use black (or any other color for the matter) lines in-between colors.
    7. Do NOT use mouths on the ball. Only exception being Altcentr.png Dead Centrism consuming.


    Optional features that can be used on polcompballs, but are not required.

    1. Draw shading features on the ball. You can also use shadows.
    2. You can add accessories to the balls, like headwear and facial gear.

    Drawing Icons/Flairs


    1. Get one of these templates listed in the List of ideology icons, so you wont draw it by hand.
    2. Draw on what's represented on the icon pixel by pixel. Don't get an existing flag and scale it down, or it will look pixelated or blurry.
    3. If the ball has accessories, add them to the ball.

    PS: ANY icons using Polandball bases will be deleted at first sighting.

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