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    Anarcho-Naturism (AnNat) is an extremely progressive political ideology that advocates for social nudity and the abolition of the state. It also believes in Vegan.png Veganism, Envi.png Environmentalism, Free Love, Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism, Fem.png Feminism and Soc.png Socialism.

    Modern AnNaturs also promote a rejection of the artificiality of an 'Industrial Mass Society' in favour of a stateless ecologically-based society.


    Many anarchists provided the early thought of the Anarcho-Naturist movement, including that of Envi.png Henry David Thoreau, Anchrist.png Leo Tolstoy, Anin.png Henri Zisly and Ancom.png Élisée Reclus.

    Anarcho-Naturism was popular in many Awaj.png Anarchist communities in Great Britian in the 1920s, with their followers "Shocking the Conserv.png Conservative Con-t.png residents of the area with their shameless nudity".

    In Spain, many Anarchist groups part of the Republic before the Civil war took up forms of Naturism. Notable examples include the 'Sol y Vida' association and the C.N.T influencer Isaac Puente who sold 100,000 copies of his book 'El Comunismo Libertario y otras proclamas insurreccionales y naturistas' ('Libertarian Communism and other insurrectionary and naturist proclaims') which is considered the de facto Anarcho-Naturist manifesto. The book had heavy Ancom.png Anarcho-Communist influences.

    Personality and Behaviour

    AnNatur is very laid back and open about himself, and is often seen hanging out with fellow leftist Anarchists. He has somehow understood the Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivist language and hangs out with him too.

    He also regularly has orgies.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Anarcho-Naturism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a line in green diagonally through the ball,
    3. Fill the space above with the same colour,
    4. Fill the other half white,
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    6. (Optional) Add a dick, or a vagina depending on the gender
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #32c86e 50, 200, 110
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255




    • AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism - I like you but why did Dogloff say all those mean things about me?
    • Conserv.png Conservatism Con-t.png - Maybe you're hiding your dick for a reason?!? But thanks for conserving some concepts of my religion.Cball-Adamites.png
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - Why are you so depressed? Go naked and enjoy life!


    Further Info





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