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    Alternative Right, clipped to Alt-Right, is an informal and at times vague grouping of Trad.png culturally right-wing ideologies which are grouped together usually by being opposed to mainstream politics. Ideologies which have been classed as Alt-Right include Ethnonat.png Ethnonationalism, Racenat.png Racial Nationalism (especially Whitesup.png white nationalism), modern forms of Fash.png Fascism and Nazi.png National Socialism but has also been used for remnants of the Old Right, Rpop-tinfoilhat.png Right-Wing Populists, Nalib.png National Liberals and openly Antisoc.png Anti-Socialist movements.

    While originally a right-wing term, the term has been largely accused of being a pejorative used by the progressives against the right, used for equating anyone who is to the right of Liberalconservative.png Liberal Conservatives to Nazi.png Nazis. In turn the term "Altl.png Alt-Lite" has been used for groups who while being opposed to mainstream politics do not show sympathies to the policies of Fash.png Fascism and Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism.



    Although the Alt-Right had many Ideological forebears in the 20th century such as Nazi.png National Socialism and KKK.png The Ku Klux Klan KKKf.png it became its own ideology with the conception of its website, Alternativeright.org which was created in 2008 by Richard B. Spencer, which is where the term comes from. Spencer and his followers believe that since the United States was founded by whites, they should be the ones to rule it, because the nation's "Blood and Soil" is white. This logic can be applied to any nation, but we already have an ideology for that.


    4chan.png 4chan Model

    The 4chan Model represents the ideology of the users of 4chan, an online imageboard. 4chan was founded on October 2003 by Neotech.png Christopher Poole, originally made for the discussion of anime. Over time, Poole increased the number of boards on the site, allowing for more topics to be discussed on the site. Today, 4chan has a large number of boards, though its most famous and popular board is the Politically Incorrect board, known as /pol/.

    4chan is the location where prominent internet memes were popularized, including lolcats, Rickrolling, rage comics, Soyjak.png wojaks, and Honkler.png Pepe the Frog.

    Originally, most 4channers held very Progress.png progressive views. However, by the mid-2010s, 4chan began its ideological shift to the right. In August 2014, 4chan was heavily involved in the Gamergate controversy. Mansphere.png Gamergate was a right-wing movement that opposed Fem.png feminism, Multicult.png diversity, and Progress.png progressivism in the video game industry.

    On January 21, 2015, Poole stepped down as administrator, amid the fallout of Mansphere.png Gamergate. He was succeeded by AltBert.png Hiroyuki Nishimura. Not long after assuming the position, he assigned the senior moderator position to an anonymous person with the alias Poltard.png R*peApe. R*peApe is well known for his racist views and his intention to push those views to the mainstream of 4chan, especially /pol/. He has dissuaded moderators from banning users for racism and fired moderators, and occasionally banned users, who are Prgess.png Culturally Left. R*peApe claims to have served in Afghanistan. He is also interested in Gamer.png video games, and GRights.png firearms. He often made complaints about his family members allegedly blocking his work, worrying that they would walk in on him looking at adult content as he was moderating.[3]

    On November 17, 2018, Nishimura announced that 4chan would be split into two sites: 4chan.png 4chan for NSFW (not safe for work) content and 4channel.png 4channel, specifically designed for SFW (safe for work) material.

    On May 14, 2022, a mass shooting occurred in Buffalo, New York, USA, killing 10 and injuring 3 more. The suspect in the attack is Antiblack.png Payton Gendron. Gendron is reported to have posted a manifesto to 4chan two days prior to the massacre. He was also a frequent user of the Poltard.png /pol/ board, adopting his viewpoints not long after joining in May 2020.[4]

    Poltard.png /pol/ism

    /pol/ism is a subvariant of the 4chan.png 4chan Model based on the ideology of users of 4chan's /pol/ board, known as Politically Incorrect. /pol/ was created by the site's founder, Christopher Poole, intended to siphon the racism from the other boards.

    /pol/ is widely known for its Racism.png racist, Whitesup.png white supremacist, Anti-Semitic.png anti-Semitic, Antimultcult.png xenophobic, Islamophobia.png anti-Islam, Sexism icon.png misogynistic, and Anti-LGBT.png anti-LGBT+ content.

    Spencer.png Spencerism

    Spencerism is based on the thoughts of American political figure Richard B. Spencer.

    He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, Cball-US.png United States of America on May 11th 1978 while his father named Rand Spencer was an ophthalmologist and his mother named Sherry Spencer/Née Dickenhorst was an heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana. Richard B. Spencer grew up at Preston Hollow in Dallas, Cball-Texas.png Texas but later he attended St. Mark's School of Texas and then moved to Colgate University for one year before transferring to the University of Virginia.png Virginia at which in 2001 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Cball-England.png English Literature & Music.

    In 2003, Spencer.png Richard B. Spencer received a Master of Arts in the Humanities from the University of Chicag.png Chicago but later in 2004, he voted for Glib.png Democrat John Kerry instead of GWB.png President George W. Bush during the United States presidential election because he knew that Bush stood for war. From 2005 to 2007, he was a PhD student in Modern Cball-EU.png European intellectual history at Duke University and then joined the Conserv.png Duke Conservative Union in which he met future Trumpism.png President Donald Trump's senior policy advisor named Stephen Miller but later Spencer spoke about the Duke Lacrosse rape case in which David Evans, Collin Finnerty & Reade Seligmann were accused of rape while credits it with changing the course of his career.

    From March to December 2007, Richard B. Spencer was the Mediastocracy flair.png assistant editor of a Plcn2.png Paleoconservative magazine called "The American Conservative" but founder editor Scott McConnell fired him because his views were considered too Antcent.png extreme and from January 2008 to December 2009, he served as the executive editor of a Libertarian online magazine called "Taki's Magazine" in which run by CEORacism.png Taki Theodoracopulos. During the late 2000s, he was involved in the Libertarian.png Libertarian Party and during the presidential election of 2008, he supported Libcon.png Libertarian Republican candidate RonPaul.png Ron Paul for president while hosting him at his discussion club called the "Robert Taft Club" but later he disavowed Libertarianism as incompatible with Whitesup.png White Nationalism.

    In 2010, Richard B. Spencer moved to Whitefish, Montana in which he splits his time between this location and Arlington, Virginia but also he married a Cball-Russia.png Russian Canadian women named Nina Kouprianova with whom he has two children. He was invited to speak at Vanderbilt University by the "Youth for Western Civilization (2008-2012)" while in March 2010, he founded a website called Crypfash3.png "AlternativeRight.com" in he edited it until 2012.

    In January 2011, Richard B. Spencer became president mixed director of a White Nationalist think tank that was founded by William Regnery II 1941-2021, called the "National Policy Institute (NPI)" after the previous leader Louis R. Andrews have died since he was in control of this institute in 2005 and then Spencer was invited to speak at Providence College in 2011 by "Youth for Western Civilization" again.

    In 2012, Richard B. Spencer founded the "Radix Journal" as a biannual publication of the Washington Summit Publishers while contributions have included articles by Kevin B. MacDonald, Alex Kurtagić, & Samuel T. Francis and then Spencer hosted a hosts a weekly podcast called "Vanguard Radio". In 2013, the "Anti-Defamation League" called Spencer a leader in White Nationalist circles while he said that after leaving The American Conservative magazine he rejected mainstream Conservatism because he believed it adherents can't represent explicitly white interests and he had a dispute with Necon.png Neoconservative lobbyist Randy Scheunemann at the Whitefish Mountain Resort at Montana in which drew public attention but later in December the "National Policy Institute (NPI)" launched a website called the "Radix Journal" in which describes itself as a periodical on culture, race, metapolitics, critical theory & society even it received a grant from the "Pioneer Fund" a Eugen.png ethnic pseudo-scientific organization.

    In 2014, a Progress.png Liberal Progressive group affiliated with the Montana Human Rights Network rallied against Richard B. Spencer's residency in Whitefish but the city council in response approved a non-discrimination resolution and Spencer decided to go on a tour in Cball-Hungary.png Hungary but he was mocked by a Hungarian newspaper called "Népszabadság" for his call for a White Imperium through a revival of the SPQR.png Roman Empire along with his claim to be a Racial European while FIDESZ.png Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemned Spencer by banning him in Hungary along with Cball-Poland.png Poland in which banned him for being Nazi.png National Socialist, Anti-Polish and Anti-Slavic.

    In 2015, Richard B. Spencer despite his opposition to same-sex marriage barred people with Homophobia.png Homophobic views from the National Policy Institute's annual conference and in 2016, He was interviewed for "Time Magazine" in which he said rejected Whitesupmega.png White Supremacy along with Slavery.png Slavery of Non-whites preferring to establish a Ethnonat.png White Ethnostate in America or in Europe but Jason Wilson in Soclib.png The Guardian newspaper has argued that Spencer and other White Nationalists are appropriating some elements of Soc.png Socialism because of Jewish Capitalism.png Capitalism as a Jewish stereotype. While in 2016, Pcba twit.png Twitter suspended the accounts of the NPI including Spencer in which he said about execution squads across the Alt-Right while accused Twitter of Pinksoc.png Corporate Stalinism but his Twitter account was reinstated several weeks instead of the account of the NPI and in April 2016, It was later reported that Spencer had given the Nazi salute at a karaoke bar. In October 2016, Spencer has separated from wife Nina Kouprianova while in November 2016, he delivered a speech about Donald Trump while quoted National Socialist propaganda in the original Cball-Germany.png German to denounced JewTheo.png Judaism along with 200 audience members in which they give a Nazi salute when he says "Hail Trump, Hail our people, Hail victory!" and he calls Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election "The Victory Of Will", a phrase evoked a German propaganda movie called "The Triumph of the Will" (1935). During the 2016 presidential election Spencer has said about SteveBannon.png Steve Bannon being "the best possible position to influence policy" when he was promoted to chief White House strategist along with senior counsellor by Trump and then Spencer has tweeted about Mat-0.png women should not be allowed to make foreign policy while saying in a interview with Lib.png "The Washington Post" stated that women should be returning to traditional roles as child bearers or homemakers in an American white ethnostate. During November 2016, an online petition to prevent Spencer from speaking at Texas A&M University in December 6th 2016, while it was signed by thousands of students, employees, & alumni in which led to a university organized counter-event that held to coincide with Spencer's event but later In December 2016, Republican Representative Ryan Zinke, Republican Senator Steve Daines, Farm.png Democratic Senator Jon Tester, Democratic Governor Steve Bullock & Republican Attorney General Tim Fox condemned Spencer for Neo-Nazi march that had been planned for January 2017 and also Spencer announced he was considering an independent run for Montana's congressional district in the 2017 special election but he ultimately did not enter the race. The NPI has raised $50,000 in late 2016 and early 2017 from an online fundraising drive while has solicited donations to be sent to its Arlington, Virginia post office box.

    In January 15th 2017, during MLK Jr.png Martin Luther King Jr's birthday Richard Spencer launched the "Alt-Right Corporation" with NordicResistanceMovement.png Daniel Friberg & Jason Jorjani in which its headquarters is based in Alexandria, Virginia while the site is a Right-Wing Populist for the members of the Alt-Right and it was owned by a Identi.png Swedish Identitarian publishing company called "Arktos Media" while its headquarters is based in Budapest, Hungary. On January 20th 2017, Spencer attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump as he was giving an impromptu interview on a nearby street afterwards but he was punched in the face by a masked man who is part of Antifa.png "Antifa" while it was caught in online video that went viral leading to "Punch A Nazi" Troll.png meme and leading to divergent views on whether the attack was appropriate. On February 23th 2017, Spencer was removed from the "Conservative Political Action Conference" in which he was giving statements to the press even the a spokesman said he was removed from the event because other members found him repugnant and then the "Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services" had listed the National Policy Institute (NPI) as not authorized to solicit in Virginia but in In March 2017, it removed the NPI's entry from its public database of non-profits while announced that it was reviewing the group's status. In April 2017, Spencer said in which he along with his divorced wife were not separated or still together while some days later he came into conflict with Libertarians after reportedly attempting to mess up an "International Students for Liberty conference" while the NPI had leased a townhouse office space on King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia at which it maintains its headquarters today and the City leaders of Arlington & Old Town Alexandria acknowledged the groups right to operate but denounced it's views but it lead to several protests in the town. On May 13th 2017, before the Unite The Right Rally of 2017, Spencer led a torch-lit protest in Charlottesville, Virginia against the vote of the city council to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee who is commanding general of the Cball-CSA.png Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War (1861-1865) while himself & KKK.png David Duke were among those who led the crowd that are chanting certain slogans and LibZion.png Michael Signer who is the mayor of Charlottesville, called the protest horrific while he stated that it was either profoundly Kak.png ignorant or intended to spread fear among minorities in a way that hearkens back to the days of the Klu Klux Klan. In July 2017, Evan McLaren became executive director of the NPI but He resigned in April 2018, while As of January 2020 he has not been replaced and sources indicate that Spencer has leaked texts with TrumpNazi.png Jason Kessler & BritFash.png Eli Mosley because of the Nazi salutes at the karaoke bar in April 2016.

    The Unite The Right Rally

    In August 11th, 2017, Richard Spencer & Jason Kessler has organized the "Unite The Right" rally at Charlottesville, Virginia after July 11th 2017, in which a another similar rally was held but this time by the "Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" in which they protested against the removal of the Robert E. lee Confederate statue as well in which it was planned by the Charlottesville City Council after the wake of the Terrorist.png Charleston Church shooting of 2015 and efforts were made across the South to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces along with renaming the streets honouring notable figures from the Confederacy and these efforts faced a backlash from people concerned about protecting their Confederate heritage.

    Right-Wing Individual Participants
    Right-Wing Group Participants
    Left-Wing Individual Participants
    Left-Wing Group Participants

    In the evening of August 11th, 2017, a group of 250 Alt-Right protesters gathered for an unannounced march through the University of Virginia's campus towards the lawn while many of them carrying tiki torches in which they say "You Will Not Replace Us", "Jews Will Not Replace Us", "White Lives matter", "Blood And Soil" & "Whose Streets Our Streets" and then encountered a group of about 30 Soc.png Leftist counter-protesters who are mostly UVA students who had locked arms around a statue of Jeffersondem2.png Thomas Jefferson that lead to people on both sides getting reportedly pepper sprayed or encountered brawls at the Rotunda. The Alt-Right protesters began swinging or throwing their tiki torches amid the chaos but several minutes later PolState.png Virginia State Police came to break up the brawl and they have been in contact with Eli Mosley along with Christopher Cantwell & Robert "Azzmador" who are being interviewed by Vice News while Mosley claims the university officials has ignored the warnings relayed by their own faculty six hours before the torch rally. Meanwhile the Clergy led a pre-planned ecumenical Christy.png Christian & Interfaith prayer service at St. Paul's Memorial Church on University Avenue in opposition to the Unite the Right rally.

    In August 12th 2017, The Alt-Right protesters along with the Leftist Counter-protesters begin gathering at the Emancipation Park in 8:00am during the anticipation of the rally in which lasted at 5:00pm and the Alt-Right protesters are still chanting the same slogans along with some new ones like "The Goyim Know", "The Jewish Media Is Going Down" & "Jews Are Satan's Children" while they are wearing MAGA hats or waving any-type of Confederate/Right-Wing flags even they are carrying shields with batons/sticks. The Leftist Counter-protests during the "Unite The Right" rally including the clergy such as LiberationTheo.png Rev. Seth Wispelwey linked arms together prayed with each other while sang songs of peace such as "This Little Light of Mine" but then chanted slogans including "We Have Already Won", "Black Lives Matter", "Antifascista", "No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA", "We're Here, We're Gay, We're Fight The KKK", "F*** You Fascists" "Punch A Nazi In The Mouth" & "Kill All Nazis" and they are wearing hoods and carrying Black Nationalist/Left-Wing flags but also carrying shields with batons/sticks just like the Alt-Right Protesters.

    The Alt-Right protesters in the morning targeted Jewish Sabbath worshippers at a synagogue called Beth Israel in which lead them exit out of the back door for safety while carrying the Torah Scrolls but then the Alt-Right protesters moves to Lee Park to protect the Confederate statue from the Leftist Counter-Protesters along with being protected by StratoHelm.png Right-Wing militia groups like the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia, the Natlib.png New York Light Foot Militia, the Virginia Minutemen Militia, and the 3perc.png Three Percenters.

    Many Alt-Right protesters along with Leftist Counter-protesters come in brutal conflict with each other in which lead 14 people in both sides being injured in street brawls while Richard W. Preston who is a self-identified Imperial Wizard caught on video shooting a pistol at Blacknat.png Corey A. Long who is carrying an aerosol can whose spray he'd lit and U.S. Marine Vasillios Pistolis who is a member of the terrorist group Atomwaffen.png Atomwaffen Division was assaulting a Trans.png transgendered woman named Emily Gorcenski while carrying a modified version of the Confederate flag but also DeAndre Harris who is a former special education instruction assistant from Charlottesville was beaten up by six Alt-Right protesters in a parking garage in which lead to Governor Demcr.png Terry McAuliffe of Virginia to declared a state of emergency for public safety while at around in 11:22am before the rally was scheduled to begin Virginia State Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly via megaphones along with riot police clearing 100 Alt-Right protesters away from the scene.

    After the "Unite The Right" rally have been aborted while at around 1:45pm, Barbie2.png James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of Leftist counter-protesters hitting them before reversing for safety to escape before being arrested in which 35 Leftists are injured and 32-year-old Relfem.png Heather D. Heyer was killed while at 4:40pm a Bell 407 helicopter owned by the Virginia State Police crashed into the ground of Charlottesville killing two state troopers who were on board even one of them was a pilot.

    After The Unite The Right Rally

    After the "Unite The Right Rally" Richard Spencer has been denied speaking at the University of Flr.png Florida after opposition from students or locals of Gainesville, Florida for safety reasons but Floridan lawyer Gary Edinger threatened to sue the university for violating the First Amendment of the Consti.png U.S Constitution and also Spencer has been denied speaking at the Louisiana State University & the Cball-Michigan.png Michigan State University. In October 19th 2017, Spencer spoke at the Curtis M. Phillips Centre for the Performing Arts on grounds of the University of Florida with Eli Mosley, Mike Enoch & Matthew Heimbach since it reached an agreement with Edinger but the security of the event costs about $600,000 and it drew about 2,500 loud protestors in which vastly outnumbering Spencer's supporters while later that day three of them who were residents of Texas are arrested while charge with homicide along with the Ohio State University rejected Spencer for speaking for safety reasons. A few days later the "Washington Post" ask Spencer on his opinion on American women having the right to vote but he said it was not a greatest thing after he stated that he was not terribly excited about voting in general and in November 2017, his twitter account was removed that made him to create a another acount later on Gab.

    In July 2018, Richard Spencer was detained at Keflavík Airport in Reykjavík, Cball-Iceland.png Iceland on route to Cball-Sweden.png Sweden while then ordered by Polish officials to return to the United States of America that arises from the Schengen Agreement but then in August 2018, he moved out of Alexandria, Virginia and then in October 2018, his divorced wife accused him of emotional abuse, financial abuse & violent physical abuse even when he is four months pregnant or frequently in front of his own Kak.png children and according to media reports, the recordings or thee text messages showed that Spencer tell his wife that he will break her nose, encouraging suicide and apologizing for previous incidents of physical abuse but he denied this while being not charged with a crime but then in November 2018, Spencer told his followers about Donald Trump not being the best president he hope for.

    In a July 2019, Richard Spencer was interviewed on CNN.png CNN in which he called Donald Trump's tweet about four congresswomen (telling them to go back to where they came from) racist while believed that Trump was practicing a con game in not clearly developing a White Nationalist agenda with tweets that are meaningless or cheap and in November 2019, Milo Yiannopoulos who is an Alt-Right person released an audio recording allegedly of Spencer using racist slurs immediately after Unite the Right rally of 2017.

    In 2020, after following the assassination of Khom.png Qasem Soleimani in which lead Richard Spencer criticized President Trump's administration for escalating tensions between the United States & Iran while he blamed the OrganicistLib.png traitorous elites for it and he advocated for the United State to pull out of NATO while he called Russia the "A Sole White Power in the world" even his divorced wife referred to herself as a "Kremlin troll leader" along with Spencer who has ties with Euras.png Aleksandr Dugin.

    In late June 2020, Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute (NPI), David Duke, Stefan Molyneux & the American Renaissance magazine were banned from YouTube.png YouTube for not following the website policies on hate speech and in June 2020, Spencer was at court with Krit.png Judge Norman K. Moon presiding over the Sines v. Kessler civil rights lawsuit that stemmed from the violence at the "Unite The Right rally" while his lawyer named John DiNucci allowed him to withdrawl from the case but Spencer still fined with $500 along with two weeks in a county jail in Montana if he did not pay over $60,000 that he owed to his divorced wife or legal guardian representing his children's interests but Spencer ultimately avoided going to jail after settling the debt. In August 2020, Spencer said that he planned to vote for Bidenism.png Joe Biden with the straight Democratic ticket in the 2020 Presidental Election while Joe Biden campaign renounced his support while in November 23th, 2021, he was at court again but this time he was found liable on two counts such as civil conspiracy under Virginia state law & race-based harassment or violence but then the jurors awarded more than $25 million in total damages with Spencer personally liable for $700,000 in punitive damages. In January 16th, 2022, Fuente.png Nick Funtees released an audio recording of a phone call about Spencer ranting after being called a child molester in Twitter and in February 24th 2022, he supported Cball-Ukraine.png Ukraine after the Russian Federation declares war on this nation while in June 14th 2022, he was on a dating website called "Bumble" as a Moder.png Moderate instead of a White Nationalist.

    Richard Spencer's Political Views

    Health Care : Spencer supports legal access to abortion but in part because he believes it would reduce the number of Black or Hispanist.png Hispanic people in which he says would be a great boon to White people and he also supports a national single-payer health care system because he believes it would benefit white people.

    Religion : Spencer was an Secular.png Secular Atheist but he also believes that Christianity had previously held some pragmatic value that helped to unify the White population of Europe but also he opposes traditional Christian values as a moral code due to the fact that Christianity is a universalizing religion rather than an ethnic one and he references his views on Christianity as being influenced by the German philosopher Nietzsche.png Friedrich Nietzsche while Soclib.png Sean Illing from "Vox News" along with other certain news sources such as "The Week" & "The Courier-Journal" believes that Spencer's theory was incorrect. Spencer has promoted PagTheo.png Paganism in the "Radix Journal" and also he described himself as a Cultchrist.png Cultural Christian.

    Nazism : Spencer during the conference in which he held celebrating Trump's election mentioned the mainstream media as Lügenpresse also known as the lying press or the press of lies in which it was a term used by Goebbels.png Joseph Goebbels and he also admires Rockwell.png George Lincoln Rockwell who is the founder of the "American Nazi Party" for using the quote called "shock as a positive means to an end" but also he admires Superfash.png Julius Evola, Yockeyf.png Francis Parker Yockey & the Revolutionary Conservatism.png German Conservative Revolution that included AntiLibIcon.png Carl Schmitt.

    Ethnonationalism : Spencer now claims to be a White Zionist while parsing Zio.png Israel's Jewish Nation-State law and he said "Jews are once again at the vanguard of rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future by showing a path forward for Europeans" even the Alt-Right does not support Zionism. During an interview with the Cable News Network (CNN) he said defined Cball-Syria.png Syrians as white in the context of Steve Jobs's role in developing the iPhone but described them as a non-white presence in Europe in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis of 2011 and in 2016, Spencer expressed support for the Multi-National bloc as a potential racial empire and an alternative to "American hegemony" stating that he has "Always been highly sceptical of a certain group so-called 'Euro-Skeptics".

    Identi.png Identitarianism Identi2.png Identarian.png

    Cball-Ireland.png Ireland

    In July 22th 2015, "Identity Ireland/Aitheantas Éire" was founded by Gary Allen & Alan Tighe with Peter O'Loughlin as it's leader after he unsuccessfully contested in the 2014 European Parliament election for the South constituency with 1.0% of the first preference votes and also he unsuccessfully contested in the 2015 Carlow-Kilkenny by-election in which he received 930 first preference votes.

    The headquarters of "Identity Ireland" was located at Dublin but it has been accused of being Racist while some of its press conferences or meetings even its launch have been disrupted by certain protesters but however it has 115 members but went up to 25% and In January 2016, "Identity Ireland" was criticized for suggesting a local Muslim community leader be thrown into the Irish Sea but a spokesperson for the party was subsequently stated that it did not intend to advocate violence while he explains the phrase "f*** him into the Irish sea" was intended as a euphemism.

    In February 6th 2016, Peter O'Loughlin was invited to speak at a rally in Dresden, Germany after he has been made chairman of "Pegida Ireland" but while on his way to the rally on a tram with his supporters they are being attacked by a group of men wearing black masks so the planned rally never took place but also a group of German Pegida supporters are being attacked while chased into a store by a group who broke away from the Counter-protests and in February 26th 2016, Loughlin ran in the 2016 Irish general election in the Cork North-Central constituency as an independent but he came last as an independent candidate with 183 first preference votes while Ted Neville was also being unsuccessful as an independent candidate but in four previous elections in the Cork South-Central constituency.

    Ted Neville has appeared on television to discuss immigration as a member of "Identity Ireland" while as a member of the "Immigration Control Platform group" but also in November 2017, the "Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)" stated that no statements of accounts had been received from "Identity Ireland" in the breach of the Electoral Act and in May 14th 2018, "Identity Ireland" was recorded in the Oireachtas Register of Political Parties as a organisation that had not yet responded to commission's enquiries by the SIPO while in the 2019 Election the party has 3,685 votes with no seats won.

    In November 2020, the "Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)" announced that "Identity Ireland" were one of five political parties who failed to provide them with a set of audited accounts for 2019, in breach of statutory obligations and in July 4th 2022, the Gardai Newspaper has announced that Peter O'Loughlin was missing from his home in Cork, Ireland while his family appealed to the public for help in tracing his whereabouts while stating they were concerned for his welfare.

    "Identity Ireland" also supports the Irish Pegida while joining the "Fortress Europe Coalition" and also advocates the favour of Brexit.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted the Irish pound to return instead of using the Euro as currency while wanted Ireland to regain control over all natural resources, invest strongly in primary industry, roll out high speed broadband nationwide, Slash the cost of government & end all unnecessary wasteful quangos while also do some scrapping of austerity measures such as U.S.C. along with water charges funded by increased economic activity and build three new pumped-hydro storage dams to slash cost of energy, imports & to create jobs.

    "Identity Ireland" will invest in the underdeveloped areas of the primary economy in order to not only create jobs & extra taxes but also to regenerate rural Ireland to end mass emigration in which increased productivity will lead to a greater tax take while allowing Ireland to end all austerity measures and also want to create citizens bonds to help fund recovery only available to those living in Ireland that lead dividends to be paid out that will be spent in the economy.

    "Identity Ireland" also wanted the creation of new export markets in countries such as China and Brazil to absorb increased productivity.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it favours Irish sovereignty by leaving the "European Union" as it's policies that which attempt to undermine national sovereignty or identity through multiculturalism with mass immigration while replaced the old European Community that helped to wreak havoc on the European continent through a combination of terrible economic policies, terrible social policies & unaccountable autocratic eurocrats and "Identity Ireland" wants to return to a Europe of sovereign co-operation to end the autocratic rule of the modern "EU" which has helped bring Europe to its knees to created conflict with division right across the continent.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted Ireland to leave the European Union for the Return of full border control to end mass immigration with a return for natural controlled immigration because they think mass immigration will create greater competition for scarce employment, puts pressure on social systems & can create cultural division with conflict and they want zero tolerance to people who demanded to alter national life, culture & traditions to accommodate minority held beliefs.

    "Identity Ireland" wanted only Irish citizens should be able to access full social assistance while economic migrants must be capable of supporting themselves when looking for work but If the migrants become incapable of supporting themselves they should be offered short term social assistance depending on how long they have worked and they are deported if the assistance they have go has been ended.

    Law & Order

    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted the protection of citizens comes before the rights of criminals while believing that the Irish jails are being filled by citizens who have failed to pay fines but criminals are often with over a hundred convictions are free to engage in criminal activity as a huge problem and also extremely haphazard.

    "Identity Ireland" aims to readjust the criminal justice system to ensure that those who are a danger to society remain incarcerated while introducing the measures to tackle anti-social behaviour along with fair standard sentences handed out across the board, introduction of community service for non-serious offences, two strike rule for the most serious offences, investment of money saved on prison costs invested into frontline Garda services especially in vulnerable rural areas and wanted prisoners to work by using penal labour while being incarcerated to offset cost of incarceration but also immediate deportation of all illegal or criminal migrants.

    Cball-Australia.png Australia

    In March 2019, "Identity Australia" was founded in Sydney as a self-described youth-focused Identitarian organisation that called for better treatment of European Australians such as giving them a voice while restoring Australia's European character by through peaceful protesting in the streets or through posters & stickers and it's manifesto states that the Australian landmass was nothing but a feral wasteland that void of any significant human presence while Captain James Cook's landing was the first steps of Britain's antipodean history.

    Members of "Identity Australia" follows their beliefs passionately by Australian Nationalism, Anti-Multiculturalism, Anti-Immigration & believing that Australia was originally meant to be an extension of Europe that should stay that way while they disclaim that they will seek all political aims peacefully within the law but also certain members are being removed without hesitation in which they break the rules of the organzation even they specifically state they are only Pro-European while not anyone else and in April 2021, the website of "Identity Australia" was ceased to be operational.

    In 2016, The "Dingoes" have existed as a young, educated & Alt-Right group according to a news report while it has been compared to "Identitarian Movement" in Europe and they self-described themselves as politically incorrect larrikins. Members of the Dingoes do not reveal their identity including one member who praised Donald Trump for embodying white values and the group along with the "New Guard", the "Lads Society", "Squardron 88" & the "Antipodean Resistance" came involved with the 2018 infiltration to the "NSW Young Nationals".

    The "Dingoes" has interviewed MP of the "National Party" George Christensen & candidate of "Pauline Hanson's One Nation" Mike Latham were both interviewed on the podcast called the "Convict Report" but Christensen later said that "he would not have done it if he had known about their extremist views" and then another podcast has happened but featured a New Zealand Solfier who ran the Dominion Movement who was later arrested for sharing information that threatened NZ security.

    The "Dingoes" has planned a 2018 conference in Sydney that is dubbed DingoCon at which they wanted to invite US Neo-Nazi Mike Enoch to speak and in Twitter they have #DingoTwitter that posted Anti-Semitic along with other racist commentary with have used the same meme character as the perpetrator of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings that happened in 15th March 2019, in which getting from Twitter while having the "Convict Report" being shut down.

    Cball-Newz.png New Zealand

    The "Dominion Movement" was founded in Wellington as a grass-roots Identitarian Eco-Fascist activist organisation since February 2018, in which put up propaganda posters during the Kelburn Parade but also at Hamilton or Palmerston North while founded a website that stated not to surrender for immigrant masses, foreign political saboteurs, Chinese oligarchs, drug dealers, Transgender people and international finance even researcher Ben Elley says the group tended to attract young white males who feel disenfranchised by millennial quandaries.

    "Dominion Movement" members are pictured collecting rubbish, scrubbing graffiti, working out at the gym & drinking at Wellington bars while also attended rallies for controversial Canadian Far-Right speakers including Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern and since the Christchurch Mosque Shootings happened in 15th March 2019, The Dominion Movement shut down their website along with social media pages even they closed their shop to go into hiding but they still put up posters on the University of Auckland campus & the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

    In late 2019, "Action Zealandia" was founded by Hector after the leader of the "Dominion Movement" who is a former New Zealand soldier was arrested but on January 12th 2020, Auckland members of the group put up posters espousing Anti-Chinese sentiment outside the office of Jian Yang who is a Chinese-born New Zealand Parliament member and in February 13th 2020, the they also vandalised Nick Smith's electorate office but the group claimed responsibility for the incident while it posting on Twitter that activists had placed propaganda posters at Smith's office.

    In Wellington a random critic witnessed a banner drop over the Newlands Rd overpass over the highway that reads "Boer Lives Matter" referring to the belief that White South African farmers known as Boers are being systematically murdered by Black South Africans as a conspiracy theory in White Nationalist circles but taken down by Anti-Fascists activists not only in Wellington but also Auckland and Johann Wolfe who is a military soldier was charged with sharing sensitive military information that threated New Zealand's security because he was present in Action Zealandia chats in which He expressed admiration for the Brenton Harrison Tarrant during the Christchurch Mosque Shootings of 2019.

    In March 4th 2020, a 19-year old man in Christchurch was arrested for not complying with a search warrant in relation to a possible terror threat against the Al Noor mosque on a social media website called Telegram along with the media subsequently identified the man as Sam Brittenden who is a member of "Action Zealandia" well not only that but also Hector who is the leader this group temporarily left communication channels after being arrested while his devices confiscated because in In April 2021, he said in chats that he was caught by the police during a street action along with breaching bail after leaving his residence when he is originally getting arrested for vandalism but he other "Action Zealandia" members that he would be flying to Australia in which he would try to meet up with Thomas Sewell who is a leader of the National Socialist Network for a podcast but then he is arrested again but at the border for attempting to travel to Australia then as a result Hector was kicked out by other senior executive "Action Zealandia" members even he rejoined this group.

    In August 9th 2021, an event called "White Lives Matter Day" does not happened because members of "Action Zealandia" chased away by members of the public for attempteding to plaster posters about the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse in Dunedin City at June and the Wellington Protest of 2022 happened after NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered vaccinations became mandatory for health workers, disability workers & certain education workers since November 15th 2021, while made the My Vaccine Passes available to all eligible New Zealanders two days later but also required all staff at close contact venues from gyms to hospitality to be vaccinated by the January 17th 2022 in which lead to protests against the NZ Government even they are influenced by the Canadian Convoy protest of 2022.

    The Wellington Protest of 2022 begins in February 6th 2022 at Waitangi Day with a total of 3,000 protesters with their 800 vehicles according to the New Zealand Police who are been attack by people who are throwing poop at them with drawing swastikas on certain sites & writing Anti-Semitic messages on car windows and then in February 9th 2022, "Action Zealandia" came to the protests with a member who accessed a construction site on a nearby building called the Bowen House at which is usually part of the parliamentary complex but then he filmed the protests including the beehive parliament to posted it on the internet with a quote stating "Look how many of the police are there to guard the wasp nest when Cindy feels rattled, If only they used half as much of their resources on fighting actual crime". An online group called Paparoa in which claims to monitor Far-Right activism stated that "Action Zealandia" came to the protests in the evening while the speaker of the house Trevor Mallard stated that everyone have seen the video when the Bowen House has been closed and then the alarm bells have been raised while in March 2th 2022, the protests have been stopped with 250 protesters being arrested but 30 of them are not being charge with a crime.

    The members of "Action Zealandia" denigrated Black people, Māori people, LGBT people, Fat people & Leftists in which they celebrated violence against them while also they belived that New Zealand was used to be full of White people before the arrival/existence of the Māori but also they want to influnced the Social Credit Party by becoming it's members even attendeding a public meeting in Ashburton along with trying to influnced the National Party to spread White Nationalist ideas to a greater portion of the population. "Action Zealandia" created a document that provides directions for minors attempting to join at the age of 13 and the then members of the group has interviewed the "Nordic Resistance Movement", the "New British Union" & the "Rise Above Movement".


    Action Zealandia believes that strong men are the foundation of strong communities along with successful families and wanted it members to be physically fit & independent thinkers with encouraging activities that both keep the body or mind healthy such as bushwalks, sports, reading books & writing but don't want individuals that partake in self-destructive behaviours such as drug use or sexual deviancy will be allowed to partake in the group.

    New Zealand European Identity

    Action Zealandia believes that the identity of European New Zealanders is under threat because of demographic replacement is being brought about by corporations or business that care more about importing foreign cheap labour to maximise their own profits while the current corrupt political class facilitate this by putting money before the needs of the people and the group wanted this to be stopped by creating a unified voice for concerned European New Zealanders to halt this ongoing replacement.

    Community Building

    Action Zealandia has a goal about creating a positive community with brotherhood of young European New Zealanders that are free from drugs, vice & other negative influences with group activities such as rubbish clean-ups, camping, group writing sessions & various forms of activism and thinks the current society or community has been replaced with consumerism & materialism while European New Zealanders are increasingly isolated or left behind.


    Action Zealandia believes that New Zealand is the greatest extent of the community in which unites all people that haven been given a unified goal & direction while believes that the interests of the country, the environment and the people should be put before the interests of foreign powers or multinational corporations that extract wealth & resources from our nation and belived that many decades New Zealand's political class has put international Liberal-Capitalism with global finance before the interest of the people at the expense of the environment, living standards & demographic integrity.


    Action Zealandia believes that New Zealand's current socio-economic model is unsustainable on almost every level while mass migration of cheap foreign labour ensures the unsustainable levels of population growth as well as lowering living standards but also believed the unsustainable economic growth is causing massive damage to the environment of European New Zealanders who are working longer hours for lower pay in worse conditions and Action Zealandia looks to encourage a cultural or economic change that puts sustainability, tradition & increased living standards before the growth of profits of only a select few.

    Cball-Canada.png Canada

    In late December 2014, "Generation Identity Canada" was founded after it's Facebook page was founded in 2012 and the group has distributed certain material across the country such as in Ontario between Hamilton & Peterborough, Saskatoon, Alberta, Prince Edward Island & Quebec.

    In August 2017, "Generation Identity Canada" came under new leadership while it's team came to the quick realization that the vast majority of core Canadian tenets come from Europe in which lead to wanting to create its own unique Canadian brand of the group and in January 1st 2018, it was renamed into "IDCanada".

    During 2018, "IDCanada" come out in support of White Nationalist Faith Goldy for her Toronto mayoral candidacy while also assisting her but also the group has claimed to have chapters in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury, Vancouver, Alberta, Manitoba, London (Canada) and Prince Edward Island again inwhich includes chapters on the east coast officialised in May 2018, also the group claimed to have hundreds of members along with some affiliates that are spanning in every major city across Canada with their expansion into other cities or regions that was occurring rapidly.

    The extent of "IDCanada" chapters along with the numbers of their membership but however they are likely exaggerations thatstill regularly active in their postering or stickering campaigns and the group’s claims to have hundreds of supporters that continued to not be borne out by their actions for example like a small banner drops featuring only a handful of activists.

    Cball-US.png United States

    Nathan Damigo/Nathan Benjamin Lodge was born in Lewiston, Maine, United States of America in May 12th 1986 but he moved to Multicultural San Jose, California when he was six months old while he would later refer to his birthplace as infamous among his circles due to the influx of East African immigrants that he labeled “The Somali dump" and then he was adopted by his new father Michael Damigo when his mother remarried that lead Nathan along with his brother entered into a family with a military and police tradition because Michael was an ex-Marine who later become a deputy sheriff that was involved in the fatal shooting of an illegal cannabis farmer.

    Nathan Damigo during his childhood he attended a Private Christian school that was deeply religious in the Silicon Valley but he first to admit he wasn’t the most intelligent student while he preferred skateboarding to class along with planning for his life as a trade worker and he is not race conscious at the time because he inherited his parent’s deep Conservative mixed with Civic Nationalist values while his childhood friends were Latino and Filipino who shaped their political ideologies based on what was best for their racial/ethnic communities but he recalls them for feeling out of place in their tight-knit immigrant communities while they were not interested in what was best for America but only that of themselves.

    In 2004, Nathan Damigo left San Jose to join the U.S Marines that contrasting his childhood with his experience in the military while he recalls feeling more at ease in the predominantly white environment of his training class such as being surrounded for the first time by people with similar backgrounds in which he describes his time in the military as important to his first steps down the road toward White Nationalism describing himself at the time as race aware but not race conscious and his developing racial consciousness continued during his two tours in Iraq during the Iraq War 2003-2011, he was focusing on tribal infighting mixed with persecution in Iraq at which came to view multiculturalism as a failed project while his estimated solution to Iraqi domestic politics was wanting certain ethnic groups to have their own countries.

    First Worldism.png First Worldism

    First Worldism is a political ideology created by vlogger, writer and youtuber Ryan Faulk also known as Alt-Hype (The Alternative Hypothesis), is the view that the policy stances and government outcomes we classify as “first world” and “third world” are a function of population genetics. The “first world” peoples are primarily, though not exclusively, European, with minorities of other races having people who have, on aggregate, genetic predispositions to first-world traits.

    First-world traits are:

    • anti-authoritarian views of knowledge and truth,
    • a lower level of social sensitivity, conformity and consensus-seeking
    • support for free speech
    • opposition to heavy government intervention and regulating of private property (i.e. the consensus-economies of West, Central, South, Southeast and East Asia), support for free markets
    • lower crime, higher diligence and self-control, higher IQs.
    • less interest in grievance politics and bloc-politics

    Sean Last, collaborator in the Alt-Hype blog, shows to have the same ideology.

    DezNat.png DezNatism

    DezNat (Deseret Nation) was a 2018 twitter hashtag (#DezNat) created by LDS Church member Logan Smith, even though the church has not endorsed it. Several media classify it as Alt-Right and White Nationalism, in which several followers have the desire to recreate the Deseret State and which should be Mormon Theocracy and a white ethnostate, with accelerationist and neo-Nazi symbols, even if some disagree, such as creator Logan Smith himself, stating to church members that the hashtag is "a unique people and must be united spiritually, morally, economically and politically behind Christ, the prophet and the church".

    Even though they are against polygamy, they still use terms like "chad" and "alpha male", using them to portray Brigham Young, also using bowie knife images, to honor the concept of blood atonement. DezNat followers criticized the blog By Common Consent for being "too progressive and politically correct". One of the former followers was Matthias Cicotte, then Alaska's attorney general, as a racist and anti-Semitic poster, making civil rights organizations called for him to be removed from office, in which a spokesperson claimed he had been fired.

    AlainBenoist.png Alain de Benoist Thought

    Patriot Front.png Rousseauism

    Rousseauism is based on the thoughts of American political figure Thomas Rousseau.

    He was born in Coppell, Cball-Texas.png Texas, Cball-US.png United States of America on June 11th 1999 while then he moved at Grapevine to live with his father named Thomas Christopher “Chris” Rousseau who is a Thalassocracy.png sailboat captain and then years later Patriot Front.png Thomas Rousseau attended Coppell High School in which he wrote a variety of opinion pieces for the school’s Mediastocracy flair.png newspaper called "The Sidekick" while in May 2017, the FBI.png "Federal Bureau of Investigation" (FBI) started monitoring him before he joined Thomas Rousseau.png "Vanguard America" lead by Dillon Hopper.

    During this year Thomas Rousseau took control of the "Vanguard America" website along with the Discord.png Discord but then in August 2017, at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.png Virginia he participated as the leader of the group's contingent but after following the bad press arising from the rally, Rousseau left the group to form "Patriot Front" recruit rally participants even most of then are former "Vanguard America" members and then in September 24, 2017, he along with several others carried a giant banner to the Awaj.png Houston Anarchist Bookfair while confronted the attendees with Anti-LGBT.png homophobic along with Antiblack.png racist language even the banner says “For Race And Nation. Blood and Soil”.

    The "Patriot Front" supports a version of a Moder.png White-Centered ideology that was compatible with the views of Fascists across the United States of America such as closed borders or an Sec.png Authoritarian government but according to the "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) the group was Whitesup.png White Nationalist whose members maintain that their ancestors have conquered America while bequeathed it to them & no one else and the group uses American Patriotism.png patriotic imagery of Culttrad.png traditional Americana to broaden its appeal while adding the Fasci.png Fascist fasces symbol into the mix but also the group uses attention-grabbing techniques like Terrorist.png detonating smoke bombs during demonstrations or protests however according to the "Southern Poverty Law Center" (SPLC), the "Patriot Front" focuses on theatrical rhetoric or Activm.png activism that can be easily distributed as propaganda for its chapters across the country.

    The "Patriot Front" members consist of eight Crypfash3.png regional networks while its recruitment is primarily done online but the group avoids talking about GRights.png guns or violence online as a policy and as Pete Simi who an expert on Whitesupmega.png White Supremacy explained to the "Pro Publica journalist organization" by saying "It is very common for the leadership of these groups to disqualify violence, while doing things that are encouraging violence that was is part of their strategy to avoid liability while simultaneously promoting hate and when they say they are not violent well this is a lie because they are promoting violence by their goals".

    According to the "Southern Poverty Law Center" (SPLC) the "Patriot Front" have demonstrations, literature & sometimes acts of service that are tightly choreographed or scripted to maximize propaganda value such as In November 2017, Thomas Rousseau held a torch-wielding publicity stunt in front of the UT Tower at the University of Texas in Austin while in July 28th 2018, members of the group marched on an AntiNation.png Occupy ICE protest in San Antonio, Texas while filmed themselves vandalizing protestors, tents & signs and In October 2018, the PolState.png "Fort Worth Police Department" (FWPD) identified Rousseau as the man responsible for posting “Reclaim America” & “Better Dead Than Red” signs with a Commie.png Communist symbols underneath on fire hydrants, lamp posts & news stands in Fort Worth, Texas.

    In 2019, an investigation by the "Pro Publica journalist organization" estimated that "Patriot Front" had about 300 members in total while at February 13th 2019, hundreds of White Nationalist signs or flyers were taped up in the east section of Boston, Massachusetts, in area with many Multicult.png immigrants even the group have claimed responsibility for this but Mayor Marty Walsh who is a Demcr.png Democrat denounced the incident and then in February 15th 2019, Boston police arrested three "Patriot Front" members with two faced charges of carrying weapons with one who is charged with assault on a police officer after allegedly slapping his hand.

    In February 8th 2020, one hundred "Patriot Front" members marched in Cball-WashingtonDC.png Washington D.C. along the National Mall from the Lincolnism.png Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol grounds but then headed north to a Corp.png Walmart store near the Washington Union Station while the marchers wore khaki hats, khaki pants, matching dark blue jackets, full white face masks & dark sunglasses as they carried various modified versions of the American flag with the Patriot Front logo and in August 2020, during protests with the counter-protests in Weatherford, Texas, over a Cball-CSA.png Confederate statue the police arrested three men including Thomas Rousseau who had plastered stickers on signs, parks & property so they were charged with Illeg.png criminal mischief while jailed on a $500 bond but they get released.

    In 2021, according to the "Southern Poverty Law Center" (SPLC) the group "Patriot Front" had about 42 chapters while it was arguably the leading White Supremacist group in the United States of America as they are mostly active in using flyers for recruitment and the "Pro Publica journalist organization" pointed out that Thomas Rousseau along with others in the group are delighted in seeing their actions reflected in the (SPLC) nationwide map recording acts of hate along with certain media reports.

    The "Anti-Defamation League" (ADL) estimated that "Patriot Front" generated 82% of reported incidents of distributing Racist, Anti-Semitic.png Anti-Semitic or other hateful propaganda in the United States of America while On January 29th 2021, a certain group of members marched on the National Mall towards the US Capitol carrying flags again in Washington DC and In December 4th 2021, more than one hundred members of "Patriot Front" held a another rally in downtown Washington DC chanting "Reclaim America" but however in December 14th 2021, Thomas Rousseau said "We are absolutely desperate for new people and we've been in the 220 to 230 membership rut for nearly a full year".

    The communications revealed that "Patriot Front" attempted to inflate its membership numbers or importance that outlined plans to spread misinformation about public events on social media sites such as Twitter.png Twitter, Reddit.png Reddit, Bitchute & 4chan.png 4chan while sending deceptive news tips to journalists at traditional media outlets along with detailing notes of interviews with potential members and a leak of group has included media of members training, vandalizing & demonstrating while Thomas Rousseau was at the "American Renaissance" conference to bring in the "Patriot Front" guides to behaviour.

    On January 21th 2022, a left-wing nonprofit media organization called the "Unicorn Riot" published more than 400 gigabytes of leaked audio files, chat logs, documents, photographs & videos from the "Patriot Front" chat server and the leak revealed the group's efforts to recruit new members while increase its public profile through private communications on a open-source messaging platform called Rocket Chat.

    In January 22th 2022, "Patriot Front" members were seen at the "March for Life" Antiabort.png Anti-Abortion rally in Washington DC but then in June 11th 2022, the police arrested 31 members of the group including Thomas Rousseau as they stopped inside a U-Haul truck near an Gay.png LGBT Pride event in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho so they were charged with conspiracy to riot because of an anonymous caller tipped off police when they saw the group of men climbing into a U-Haul after retrieving shields from the back of the vehicle and then the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office released the mugshots along with the names of all 31 arrested who were from at least 11 states however after the arrests of "Patriot Front" the police chief said the "Coeur d'Alene Police Department" received death threats along with doxxing threats.

    In June 13th 2022, Thomas Rousseau along with other 32 members of "Patriot Front" were released on bail while court documents stated police had recovered a typed document that detailed the group's goal or planning for the day while in July 2nd about one hundred group members with shields along with a banner marched through Boston, Cball-NE.png New England with stops at the Boston Public Library to the Old State House building and then the Police said one man was injured in a confrontation with the members of the group.

    There are flaws to the group "Patriot Front" for example in July 3rd 2021, two hundred members march through Center City are chased away by a mob in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and after the LGBT Pride month at June 11th 2022, Jared Boyce who had been living in the basement of his Mat-0.png divorced mother's home in Utah was kicked out for attempted political violence along with certain conspiracy theories even his father was now a homosexual after the divorce.

    The Manifesto Of Patriot Front

    Link : https://patriotfront.us/manifesto/

    American Third Positionism

    American Third Positionism is based on the thoughts of American political figure William Daniel Johnson.

    He was born in Provo, Utah, Cball-US.png United States of America on 1954 but then years later he graduated from Brigham Young University in which he majored in JapanesePacificStates.png Japanese to be later served as a Theodemocracy.png Mormon missionary in Cball-Japan.png Japan and before becoming an activist his background was as an attorney while he was admitted to the bar in Cball-California.png California in 1981, Colorado in 1990 & Arizona in 2006.

    In the 1980s, Boomer Alt-Right.png William Daniel Johnson began to use Mach.png three separate identities to promote his work such as the name James O. Pace in 1985, he wrote a book advocating a Consti.png constitutional amendment called the "Pace Amendment" in which it will repealed the 14th amendment & the 15th amendments to deport almost all Non-Whites from the United States of America and this proposal was similar to one advocated earlier by the name of J. B. Stoner.

    The Pace Amendment proposed defining Whitesup.png Whiteness thus: No person shall be a citizen of the United States of America unless he is a Non-Hispanic white of the European race in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Black blood with nor more than one-eighth Cball-Mongolia.png Mongolian, Cball-Malaysia.png Malaysian, PanAsian.png Certain Asian, PanArab.png Middle Eastern, JewTheo.png Jewish Semitic, Cball-India.png Indian & other Non-European or Non-white blood while provided that PanHisp.png Hispanic whites defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor may be citizens if in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace with percentage tests while they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the Cball-UK.png British Isles or Euronaticon.png Northwestern Europe and only citizens shall have the right or privilege to reside permanently in this country.

    — William Daniel Johnson (as "James O. Pace"), Amendment to the U.S Constitution.

    In 1986, William Daniel Johnson have said the "Pace Amendment" would let Native.png Indigenous Americans & Cball-Hawaii.png Hawaiians to be maintained in Tribal.png tribal reservations instead of being deported while the written book has dust-cover comments written by Aryan Nations.png Richard Butler along with Dan Gayman and Johnson promoted the book by attending the "Aryan Nations World Congress" but later under the name Daniel Johnson he founded the "League of Pace Amendment Advocates" as group that dedicated to promoting the amendment but in his capacity as an attorney that used his normal name for this.

    In 1987, following an exposé by the Mediastocracy flair.png "Los Angeles Times" it quickly became clear that James O. Pace, Daniel Johnson & James O. Pacewere all the same person and this came to light partly because the "League of Pace Amendment Advocates" had been infiltrated by a unknown member of the LibZion.png "Simon Wiesenthal Center" in which opposes the "Pace Amendment" including the book.

    In 1989, William Daniel Johnson ran for congress as an independent in the Wyoming special election to replace Cheney.png Dick Cheney while he received enough signatures to appear on the ballot as he said "Whites don't have a future here in this country and that is one of many issues that I am addressing." as the campaign was promoted by the Hun.png "Nationalist Movement" and he ended up receiving about 0.3% of the vote.

    In 2006, William Daniel Johnson again ran for congress but this time in the Demcr.png Democratic primary for an Arizona house seat but he did not openly espouse the Pace Amendment as he call for the deportation of Cball-Mexico.png Mexican illegal aliens while his campaign manager, Russ Dove had attracted media coverage earlier for burning a Mexican flag and during this contest, Johnson came in a distant fifth even during this campaign that he stated in which he opposed a constitutional amendment banning Gay.png same-sex marriage.

    In 2008, William Daniel Johnson ran for a seat on the "Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles" but he was initially endorsed in that race by RonPaul.png Ron Paul, but after Johnson's Racism.png racist views came to light it lead Paul retracted his endorsement on him while Bruce Einhorn who is the national commissioner of the "Anti-Defamation League" commented on the election by saying "A competent Krit.png judge is one who parks his politics at the courthouse steps. Someone who holds such racist views and flaunts them so obviously is in no position to block them out of his courtroom". Johnson lost this election by winning only 26% of the vote.

    In January 5th 2010, William Daniel Johnson along with Kevin MacDonald created the 3P.png "American Third Position Party" during an appearance on a Whitesup.png White Nationalist weekly talk radio called the "Political Cesspool" in which Johnson said "Our positions are reasonable & moral and everybody can understand them and accept them" Johnson said that he wanted to run candidates who were sincere honest people and then the political party filed the papers with the office of the "Secretary of State of California" with the intention of becoming a fully ballot-accessible party by the time of the California primary election at June 2010 since November 2009, however the party failed to qualify while it was not entered on the 2010 ballot in California or any other state.

    In 2011, the "American Third Position Party" received enough signatures to get Harry Bertram on the ballot for the West Virginia gubernatorial special election to become governor while his campaign ran a television ad emphasizing his desire to advance the interests of White Americans but he was soundly defeated in the election coming in last place out of five candidates on the ballot while netting only 1,111 votes less than 0.4 percent of the total.

    In January 2012, the "American Third Position Party" announced that Plcn2.png Merlin Miller was the presidential nominee for the presidential election of 2012 while Scientocracy Small.png Virginia Abernethy was announced to be his running mate but according to a Crypfash3.png website called the "AmericanFreedomUnion.Com/TheAmericanFreedomParty" they obtained ballot access in Colorado, New Jersey & Tennessee and then in February 2012, members of the hacker group called Anon.png "Anonymous" released statements claiming to have hacked the website along with various forums or email accounts connected with the group including that of former Scientheo.png Scientologist Jamie Kelso who is the website's operator while the front page of the party's website was defaced with #OpBlitzkrieg as designated name used for a series of Anonymous cyber-attacks on Neonazi ball.png German Neo-Nazi websites along with private information about the organization's members was released.

    During that same year Harry Bertram was running for the "West Virginia House of Delegates, District 51" with the result of 1,110 more than 0.8 of the total while William Daniel Johnson ran for congress under the Bertenvi.png "Natural Law Party" label for the 11th District in Michigan in which he received 3,251 votes or 0.9% and then in February 1st 2013, the website of the "American Third Position Party" carried an announcement that the party was changing its name to "American Freedom Party" although the values or mission would remain unchanged.

    William Daniel Johnson has expressed support for Zio.png Israel arguing that it should adopt the Pace Amendment model while he says "In 20 years Israel will cease to exist unless Israel deports all Non-Jews from its borders and establishes a demilitarized zone around the country; America & Europe repatriate their Antizion.png Anti-Israel Arab/Muslim populations and Israel renews its efforts to call Jews home. Israel's policy should be to encourage all Jews in America who desire the continued existence of Israel to emigrate there".

    In March the "American Freedom Party" has Kenn Gividen nominated as its candidate for president while Bob Whitaker was nominated for vice president but then in July 26th 2015, Gividen resigned from the nomination after holding the role for 4 months then stepped into the role as candidate for president and in April 7th 2016, Bob Whitaker whose favoured term "White Genocide" was blocked by the party leadership so gave up the nomination in protest over the party's growing support for Trumpism.png Donald Trump while the toning down of its use of language.

    During that same year William Daniel Johnson paid $2,000 to robocall Utah voters accusing Liberalconservative.png Evan McMullin of homosexuality but then as part of a later apology for this action, Johnson explained that "McMullin typified that perfidious mentality in Americans of failure to marry and have children" while adding that the "White birth rate is so astonishingly low that Western Civilization will soon cease to exist" and Johnson is an advocate of the fourteen words slogan (14/88) as he stated that his organization that embrace principles that will secure the existence of white people along with a future of white children" even he has claimed that Ron Paul withdrew his endorsement of him for a judgeship in California after the media reported that he was an advocate of the fourteen words slogan but and also during that same year Donald Trump's presidential campaign has named Johnson as one of its delegates to the RepubUS.png Republican National Convention of 2016 to be held in July but then Trump campaign officials blamed William Daniel Johnson's inclusion on a database error even he was claimed that he was really one of Trump's delegates.

    The Policies Of American Third Positionism

    Link 1 : https://amfreeparty.org/our-platform/ Link 2 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/demographics/ Link 3 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/environment/ Link 4 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/family/ Link 5 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/education/ Link 6 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/08/foreign-policy/ Link 7 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/economy/ Link 8 : https://amfreeparty.org/2022/09/19/law-order/


    Alt-Right often hangs out with standard Fash.png fascists, but is often mocked by them because he is seen as an immature edgelord and not a serious ideology. He occasionally is seen with Conserv.png Conservatism, agreeing with some of his policies.

    He is also an elite hacker and browser on the anonymous image-based messaging board "4chan". On it, he mostly uses /pol/, (or looks at Femboy.png trap porn on /b/ according to Reddit.png redditors) and takes part in terrorist trolling operations, also on /b/, all with a smug_pepe.png look the entire time.

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    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0


    Based and Red-pilled

    Bringe and Purple-pilled

    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - We share a lot of ideas, but this is the Boomer Alt-Right.png boomer, mainstream version of me, and imperialism can be based.
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - Same as above Paleoaltr.png ORL.png but LibRight.
    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - Fucki- wait you hate (((them))) too?
    • Tradcon.png Classical Conservatism - The boomer, mainstream and British version of me, honorable mentions to sir Powell.
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism - There's definitely a pipeline there, shame they're degenerates.
    • Marxlen.png Marxism–Leninism - Judeo-Bolsheviks, but if I can paint myself as anti-imperialist he can be a useful idiot temporary ally.
    • Blacknat.png Black Nationalism - We both agree we work better segregated. Still a [redacted] tho. FOR BIG MAN TYRONE!
    • Trumpism.png Trumpism - Hail Trump, Hail Victory! Now stop giving money to Israel you MIGAcuck! Also screw Conservapedia.
    • Natcon.png National Conservatism - He's a soveranist that wants to preserve his people and culture and to trash out cuckservatives. Don't be shy and... STOP FREAKING DENOUNCING ME!!!
    • Hfash.png Homofascism - Very perfect useful idiot to trigger the leftards. Now do the trolling operations at /lgbt/!
    • Strans.png Stransserism - Dilate, troon fash. Thanks for the nudes though :3
    • Nalib.png National Liberalism - Ok for a liberal, but too soft.
    • Natlib.png National Libertarianism - Same as above but lolbert also alt-light version of my yellow factions.
    • Euras.png Fourth Theory - Dugin is based, but now our founder Spencer hates you and supported Hoholstan and NATO ZOGbots instead.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - REEEEEE get out of my country! But, congratulations to the Cball-Taliban.png Taliban for achieving victory single-handedly over the Western soyciety!!! And your view on women and "rooftop therapy" is not actually that bad.
    • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - Whites-only Covenants inc. stonks, though you're sometimes a degenerate Rothbard.png Rothbard has some based takes especially in the last stage of his life despite being one of (((them))).
    • Dengf.png Dengism - Le funni bat soup man but another committed fighter of Western degeneracy. Also, anyone that posts anti-China (and Russia) stuff is glowies.
    • Kahan.png Kahanism - My Jewish version.
    • Mutalist.png Mutualism - Proudhon was right about the Jews and women, other than that I don't see the appeal...
    • Eugen.png Eugenicism - Based but Margaret Sanger is a moron. Also, feminism is garbage but other than that based.
    • Libertfem.png Libertarian Feminism - The 19th Amendment was a fatal mistake, but we can be friends, right? No? Why?
    • Nacionalismo.png Nacionalismo and Pron.png Peronism - Nice cope with the "MuH ArGeNtiNa iZ wHiTe!!1!", but both of you have baste and redpilled views. Also good quote about the boats too.
    • Jewfem.png Jewish Feminism - I am very against feminism and Judaism. But Khazar Milkers were perfect fap material... shh... And the Negev was also my waifu
    • Confem.png Conservative Feminism - Oxymoron. But you could be of good use as a tradwife. But seriously, the wage gap is fake.
    • Clib.png Classical Liberalism - Old good liberal. In fact, I identify as one- Wait, why are you staring at me, I didn't do anything wro-
    • Islamfash.png Islamic Fascism - Islam is right on women, f*gs, and Jews, but they are some goat-shagging Mudslimes.
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong! *Clicks another 4chan thread* Nice glowpost, fedboi CIA.png glown*gger. Wait, how did you know about my browser history?
    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy & SecSat.png Atheistic Satanism - Some of us follow some form of Satanism as opposed to Judeo-Christianity, but many of us also think you're behind (((NWO))).
    • LDP(Japan).png Japan LDPism - I backup you in Japan specially Shinzo Abe and Nippo Kaigi, but you can be sometimes too moderate however my number one will always be Nobusuke Kishi!
    • Flang.png Falangism - Except for the race mixing he is based on, please be more like your polish counterpart.
    • Leftroth.png Left-Rothbardianism - Not a big fan of leftist rhetoric though your stance of expropriating property from plutocratic emprises on the grounds of the NAP and Neo-Lockean private property rights is perfect for expropriating enterprises from bourgeoisie ethnic minorities especially (((them))) which is gigabased.
    • Gaullismicon2.png Gaullism - "Is very good that there are yellow Frenchs, black Frenchs, and Brown Frenchs. That demonstrates that France is open to all races and that is a universal vocation. But with the condition that is maintained as a small minority! If not France will not be France anymore. We are above all a European nation of the white race, of Greek and Latin culture, and religiously Christian."
    • Conlib.png Conservative Liberalism - At times a cuckservative but Churchill was somewhat based, Peterson, Whatifalthist and PragerU are mainstream conservative inc. but they have various based takes. ScoMo is more like a Scumo.
    • Libcon.png Libertarian Conservatism - Same as above but lolbert, Ron Paul is a good gateway drug for beginners and respectable politician.
    • SPR.png South Park Republicanism - I love South Park and especially because of Eric Cartman but you're too soft.
    • Yiannopoulos.png Yiannopoulism - Good for a ziogbot f@gc0n.
    • Carl Benjamin.png Carl Benjamin Thought - Too moderate, but a good point of entry for normies.
    • Zemmour.png Zemmourism & MarineLePen.png Le Penism - Not bad for a Zionist and a feminist, I'll probably vote for one of them.
    • Sternenko.png Sternenkoism - A tolerable zogbot.
    • Posadist.png Posadism - Just a really wacky commie, but nuking down this awful (((neoliberal))) system is really BASED and anti-status quo pilled. Also, I hate Abrahamic religions too, but for different reasons. Still a shame, that whites will be dead too, but on the other side majority of them are already cringe n*rmies.
    • Muslim 2.png Islamic Theocracy - Get the f*ck out of my country! But Saudi Arabia and Taliban are pretty based.
    • Baath.png Ba'athism - A Soycialist and a Kebab but Awesome stane on (((Them))) , opposing Necon.png Cucks 3way.png and dealing with Terrorists is Based like nothing, you Trump and Putin got rid of ISIS not ZOG, shame Saddam got put down by Necon.png Cucks 3way.png and had an Islamic regime instaled but he had his time and Assad still holds on.
    • Ottoman.png Neo-Ottomanism - The only Based Turkroach, standing up to ZOG, being friends with President Trump and Right-Wing Populists around Europe and stomping on f** is Based and Redpilled.
    • Castro.png Castroism - Latinx Communist who didn't recognise Israel, butchered Rainbowers and made his Nation a bastion against Rothschilds and Necon.png ZOG Bot. And that Batista guy was nothing more than an Proto-Statlib puppet of The Elites that sold his country. WTF??? Stop simping for The LGBT Cult and Covid Restrictions!!!
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - Ah yes, this modernist Industrial Soyciety does suck... Wait, what are you talking? Should I touch grass??
    • Transphobia.png Kiwi Farms - I occasionally browse this website because I enjoy their slander of troons and progtards; however, they have several disparaging threads dedicated to members of our movement, including Ethan Ralph, and they seem to think that Fuente.png Nick Fuentes is a homosexual.

    Cringe and Blue-pilled

    Shills (Worst Enemies)

    Further Information




    Terrorist Attacks




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    Left-Wing Youtuber Exposes




    Mainstream Reports




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