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    African Socialism is an economically left-wing and culturally variable ideology. It is a pan-Africanist and socialist ideology that believes in sharing economic resources based on traditional African methods of doing so. There have been multiple conceptions of African Socialism historically, with differing variants coming from many different theorists, leaders and revolutionaries. While African Socialists are typically Marxists, specifically Marxist-Leninists, this is not always the case. It heavily opposes capitalism, colonialism and imperialism.


    African Socialism first can about in 1956 with the book "Les masses africaines et l'actuelle condition humaine". From 1983-1987, a form of African Socialism created by Sankara came to mainstream politics in Burkina Faso called Sankara.png Sankarism Sankar.png. Throughout it's history, Ormarxf.png Marxism has played a major rule in the evolution of African Socialism. From 1952-1966, Cball-Ghana.png Nkrumaism/Nkrumahism became a popular form of African Socialism in Ghanian politics. Following the Angolan Civil War, Cball-Angola.png Angola came under a ML.png Marxist-Leninist government. Cball-Angola.png Angola later removed the ML.png Marxist-Leninist system, but continues to be 'Socialist' to this day.


    Sankara.png Sankarism Sankar.png

    Sankarism is an authleft ideology in Burkina Faso based on the ideas of Thomas Sankara, who was an anti-colonial, feminist and Marxist-Leninist revolutionary and president. Sankarism is left-wing, pan-Africanist and anti-imperialist. Thomas Sankara was sometimes dubbed the "Che Guevara of Africa" and stood in opposition to the cult of personality unlike other ML.png Marxist-Leninist ideologies.

    Though Thomas Sankara himself was a communist and Marxist-Leninist, many Burkinabe people and organizations who follow Socdem.png Social Democracy, Pop.png Populism, or Nation.png Nationalism have also dubbed themselves "Sankarists".

    Mug.png Mugabeism


    Cball-Ghana.png Nkrumaism Nkrumah.png

    Nkrumaism is the ideology of the Ghanian president and revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah. of The goal of Nkrumaism is the expulsion of colonial powers from Africa, and the union of all African foreign colonies under one borderless African superstate. Kwame Nkrumah's Soc-h.png Socialist ideology was influenced by Ormarxf.png Marx, Orthlen.png Lenin, and Mao.png Mao, and he invested into bringing foreign theorists to help develop his specific ideology. There was initial struggle to differentiate it from other forms of Marxist ideology, but eventually, The Kwame Nkrumah institute reached the conclusion that:

    Nkrumaism is simply the ideology for the new Africa, independent and absolutely free from Imp.png imperialism, organised on a continental scale, founded upon the conception of one and united Africa, drawing its strength from modern science and technology and from the traditional African belief that the free development of each is conditioned by the free development of all.

    Nkrumaism served as the state ideology of Ghana during Kwame Nkrumah's reign. Although Nkrumah and his political scientists heavily invested in the theoretical framework of this ideology, his ultimate goals were never truly realized.

    Cball-Tanzania.png Ujamaa Nyerere.png

    Ujamaa, which translates to family or cooperative family, was the ideology practiced in Tanzania by it's creator Julius Nyerere. It acts as a socialist economy in which key industries are nationalized and other components of the economy are united under a central democracy.

    Cball-South Africa.png Ubuntu


    Cball-Kenya.png Harambee


    Cball-Namibia.png Socialism with Namibian Characteristics SWAPO.png

    A term coined by the SWAPO party of Namibia, Socialism "with Namibian characteristics" is a deviation from the original Marxist-Leninist intent of the party. The party adopted Capitalism, but in 2017, the change to "Socialism" was made. However, many critics of the party describe this change as superficial and even claim that SWAPO espouses market fundamentalism and neoliberalism. Whether this ideologies actually constitutes socialism is debatable.

    FranceAlbertRené.png Indian Ocean Socialism Cball-Seychelles.png


    How to Draw

    Flag of African Socialism
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    3. Draw a yellow sihouette of Africa.
    4. Add a red star in the middle.
    5. Add the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
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    Afrsoc has trauma towards Colonial.png colonalism and tries to lead his nation forward. Like his father Pan-Africanism.png Pan-Africanism, he believes in African unity and will persuade his brothers into doing so. Because he believes Cap.png Capitalism was the mindest of Imp.png all colonialist empires by Corp.png corporate slave holdings, he blames capitalism for Africa's poverty and troubles and believes any capitalist in the African continent is none more than a "traitor" and "western-backed neocolonial puppet".



    • Soc-h.png Socialism - Only Socialism can save Africa now!
    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Your literature really says a lot of global western exploitation!
    • Pan-Africanism.png Pan-Africanism - Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent!
    • Castro.png Castroism - Thanks for helping us liberate Angola from the Portuguese fashs!
    • Orthlen.png Leninism - The goal of Socialism is Communism.
    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Openly helped our Congolese brothers in the eastern region against the Mobutu government.
    • Blacknat.png Black Nationalism - We must take back Africa for the African people. My people will no more be exploited!
    • Gaddafi.png Gaddafism - Fellow African Anti-Colonial Socialist ,Together ,we shall drive the Imperialists out of Africa.
    • Sep.png Separatism - Kick the Colonials off our land!
    • Native.png Indigenism - Fellow oppressed minority who had their land unjustly stolen by colonial powers and whose plight for taking back their stolen land is ignored by the majority of the privledged first-world people and activists? Welcome to the club pal...
    • Mao3word.png Maoism–Third Worldism - Cites me as a major inspiration, we both like Nkrumah a lot.
    • Tito.png Titoism - My friend from Yugoslavia.
    • Natcom.png National Communism - Liberating nationalism is incredibly based. Death to western imperialists!
    • Absoc.png Arab Socialism - Long live Arabic-African unity!


    • Nation.png Nationalism - Depends on who it is.
    • Ethnonat.png Ethnonationalism - Same as above.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Pretty good, too bad he's a dumb centrist. Plus many of our afro-comrades like UPC and the MPLA eventually turned to this ideology.
    • PUNT-Nguema.png Nguema Thought - listen I'm flattered you like me so much but what the actual hell are you doing. Also, while I support nationalist leftism, I don't want black Polpot.png Pol Potism.
    • BrotherHao.png Brother Hao - African Communo-Capitalism? I also doubt whatever PRC really cares about Africa or is just another authcap imperialist with red paint.
    • Agsoc.png Agrarian Socialism - Death to MPLA ? More like Death to the UNITA! But Savimbi was still an African Socialist and Maoist, despite him becoming an ally of Western imperialism and opposing MPLA.
    • Afunism.png Afunism - Ok, I get it, You want to save Africa from the colonialists, but What's that whole story about Fascism, Anti-Feminism, Sterilization of Religious people and Death Penalty for those who hang out with people who don't have the same race than us or disagree with you?


    • Imp.png Imperialism - Evil crooked white man that stole our treasures and resources, discriminated against our people, and left our lands divided to later exploit African infighting!
    • Gaullismicon2.png Gaullism - ET VOUS AUSSI, GAULLE!
    • Mobutism.png Mobutism - You killed Lumumba! You're also backed by Necon.png neocons and Cball-Belgium.png Belgium!
    • IdiAmin.png Aminism - LITERALLY A Bfash.png BLACK FASH! Why must you undo Uganda's stagnant progress?!?!
    • Cap.png Capitalism - Capitalism is indistinguishable from colonialism and white supremacy!
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - DOWN WITH RACISM!
    • React.png Reactionaryism - As important African traditions are, Africa needs to step aside into the 21st century and rid itself of unnecessary structures.
    • Conserv.png Conservatism - Africa "better during Europeans"? Maybe we'll switch places? Well then no!
    • Lib.png Liberalism - Silly Afonso, your RENAMO group failed to not overthrow me once, but twice!
    • Salazar.png Salazarism - Get rekt'd by the MPLA, FRELIMO, PAIGC, and MLSTP!
    • Garveyism.png Garveyism - You may be a pan-African and a black nationalist, but You're still a filthy... CAPITALIST... FASCIST... PIG!!
    • LeopoldII.png Leopold II Thought - GET THE FUCK OUT OF CONGO, YOU MONARCHIST SCUM!
    • AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism - "Anarcho-Syndicalism?" "Down with them!"
    • Hutupower.png Hutu Power - Fascist scum causing black infighting.
    • Nazi.png Nazism - I'M NOT YOU! YOU ARE A RACIST BASTARD!
    • Thatcher.png Thatcherism - Don't you lay your hands on Angola... ever AGAIN...



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    Why Socialism failed in AFRICA


    1. Although he supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a "Russian Anti-Imperialist programme against NATO".
    2. https://mg.co.za/article/2013-11-28-malema-gets-loud-and-proud-in-polokwane/?amp
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