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    Acid Communism, clipped to AcidCom and sometimes known as Narco-Communism, Psychedelic Corbynism, and Freak Left, is an economically far-left and culturally ambiguous ideology proposed by Mark Fisher. It believes that leftists should take inspiration from and use elements of the 1960's counterculture and psychedelic movements to imagine future political possibilities (but emphasizes not to repeat those movements.)

    Acid Communism is extremely existentialist, with beliefs such as the idea that the future is cancelled, because every idea of the future has been thought of and realized in past interpretations of such future, like in sci-fi movies and novels.


    Acid Communism, as proposed by Mark Fisher, has origins in Poststruct.pngJacques Derrida's book The Spectres of Marx in 1993. All that Fisher had written on it was an introduction for a potential book, which was never finished due to his suicide. The unfinished introduction can be read in K-Punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016).

    Beliefs And Philosophy

    PostMarxism.pngCapitalist RealismMeta-Anarchism.png

    In Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative Mark Fisher articulates and goes into detail about the famous quote from Žižekism.png Žižek - "It is easier to imagine the end of the world then the end of capitalism." Fisher shows that this is due to our new Postmodernicon.png Postmodern condition. Cap.png Capitalism declared itself to be the end of history, there are no contenders to it. Even classical rebels have been used to profit Capitalism by buying merchandise of those such as Guevara.png Guevara or other cold war revolutionaries. Small scale rebellion is to Capitalism's benefit. Along with this proposals for systematic change like those of Socdem.png Social Democrats still stay within the realm of Capitalism. It seems as though after the death of an existing system in opposition to Capitalism in the Cball-USSR.png Soviet Union we are unable to imagine anything diffrent. Even in the post 68 disciplinary societies of the 70's and 80's there was still not a closed plane of ideology. To put the predicament in Meta-Anarchism.png Deleuzian terms, ideological desire has been territorialized to fit into Capitalism.

    Poststruct.pngHauntology And Lost FuturesDepressionMale.png

    In Ghosts Of My Life Fisher continues the logic of Poststruct.png Derrida, arguing that from CapRealism.png capitalist realism, futures that where to be have been canceled. Take the end of Ormarxf.png Dialectical Materialism, that being the stateless, classless, utopia of Commie.png Communism; Fisher argues that the current present is haunted by that lost future. Capitalist realism has effectively "canceled" this future. Fisher agrees with Poststruct.png Derrida that there is a spectre of these lost futures haunting us in everyday life. In the predicament of capitalist realism we may be unable to imagine a future beyond Cap.png Capitalism yet we are haunted by these futures to be. Fisher argues that these spectres of ideas are the main reason for the current spike in depression, as Freud.png Psychoanalysis can only handle things on an individual level, never considering large systemic problems that could lead to anguish. In the end Fisher feels as though we are trapped, and that the future is canceled.

    Acidcomf.pngAnti-Control Politics And Acid CommunismMeta-Anarchism.png

    Personality and Behavior

    Acid communism is different from his mother in that he emphasizes the idea of CapRealism.png capitalist realism, "it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism", the idea that there is no viable alternative to capitalism, yet as he can't stand Cap.png capitalism, he must use psychoactive drugs in order to try to transcend reality to imagine new futures. He is often perceived as Nihil.png nihilistic and an idealistic doomer, but he is noted for being overemphasized in his depression and less known in his optimism. He may even develop schizophrenia.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Acid Communism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a spiraling rainbow in the ball from the center (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, magenta, pink).
    3. Draw a dark red circle in the center of the ball and fill it in with red.
    4. Draw a sickle and bong in yellow inside that smaller ball.
    5. Draw two red eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #EE161F 238, 22, 31
    Orange #FF8022 255, 128, 34
    Yellow #FFCA06 255, 202, 6
    Green #1CB34B 28, 179, 75
    Blue #3D46CD 61, 70, 205
    Violet #6900C0 105, 0, 192
    Magenta #A447A5 164, 71, 165
    Pink #FF78A5 255, 120, 165
    Dark Red #89000D 137, 0, 13
    Gold #FFD800 255, 216, 0



    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Dad, our futures have been stolen; the material conditions influence postcapitalist desire, but postcapitalist desire wishes beyond the material conditions...
    • Neomarx.png Neo-Marxism - A good modern update to Marxism.
    • Post-an.png Post-Anarchism - It's just a burning memory...
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Deleuzianism - I agree completely! Deterritorialize!
    • Situ.png Situationism - You were very influential to me.
    • Cyberfem.png CyberFeminism - We created great memories together in the 80's... it's a shame that's all we have left now, memories...
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Unconditional Accelerationism - Yes, we must reject orthodoxies of praxis to imagine new futures.
    • Existentialist Anarchism.png Existentialist Anarchism - You too have broken the power structure that held you together... even if the futures we imagine are different, we share the same desire to dream them.
    • Libmarx.png Libertarian Marxism - This is probably where I was at by the time I started writing Acid Communism.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism and Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - The dream that we have lost to Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism.
    • Auton.png Autonomism - You provide an important critique of authoritarianism while remaining Marxist, even if you are a bit outdated. Your aim was to escape existing institutions and we wish to create new institutions.


    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - What is Twitter if not a libidinal economy? And I critiqued call-out culture before it was cool. Please stop making fun of me for being a "boring nerd"
    • Marxlen.png Marxism–Leninism - You won't really get past Cap.png him, even if you pretend you think the end of capitalism is easy to imagine.
    • Postmodernicon.png Post-Modernism - I am influenced by you, but you're too unresistant to capitalism.
    • Accel.png Accelerationism - Contradictions never killed anyone, Marx... And Landian Accelerationism.png Land, we had fun didn't we?
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Your opposition to authoritarianism is commendable, but your theory is too rigid, arbitrary, and naive.
    • Necrocracy.png Necrocracy Necro-ghost.png - Why are you looking at me like I'm dead?
    • Utsoc.png Utopian Socialism - You have good intentions, but if you refuse to break away from your naive bubble and see the reality around you, you will be stuck in a mere delusion. You need to accept there is no hope for the end of capitalism in the future... in order to imagine that hope yourself.
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - Nothing really matters, however you just create a self-fulfilling prophecy... We can imagine new futures together!
    • Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism - You make some important critiques of traditional leftism and advocate refusal of work, but you are somehow both too idealistic and too pessimistic.


    • Cap.png Capitalism - Why must you appear in all my visions? Your greedy evils will eternally remain... There's no hope unless we imagine new futures.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - You have canceled the future and forced it down to your path... you have left us with no alternatives but to accept your dominion in the world...
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Your failures have provided a great comparison to those of Neoliberal-icon.png him.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy and Authcap.png Authoritarian Capitalism - Capitalist realism could transform into either of you to survive, but it will still suck.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism.png Authoritarian Conservatism - Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism's most prominent opposition today and not any better.

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