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    Revision as of 19:40, 24 March 2023 by Ioooo~ (talk | contribs)


    Hello everyone Post-Buniism.png Buni here.
    This page is the User Proposals page in the section below you can propose changes to the wiki and the council will discuss and then if discussed enough will vote on the changes proposed. You can propose a few different kinds of changes:
    Alternate Designs, Compass Positions, Council Structure, Deletion of Pages, Design Changes, Disambiguation Pages, Integrations, Mergers, New Pages, Power Transfer (from the council to a user for the purpose of writing a page), Redirects, Renaming, Replacing, Templates, and Variants.
    I will answer proposals with the results and delete the proposal and the result 2 weeks after to keep the page clean.
    Other council members may also answer, so users know who is a council member and who isn't here is the updated list:

    Your Proposals

    • I think .mp4 or .mpg files should be uploadable.
      • We (the mod team) have decided against this in the past we will not be reversing our desicion. -Buni (talk) 19:38, 23 March 2023 (UTC)

    • Ioist.png - Would be cool to start recruiting people you trust to edit those new pages so we get new content faster
      • HelloThere314Icon.png HelloThere314  - Hey lo, I'm actually a council member now, buni hasn't updated it. We are actively doing that and recruiting people. You can apply to be on the council if you haven't broken community rules and have read a good amount of theory. We also have ministries that do specific tasks, one of those being editing.

    • 2x2Master.png 2x2Master  - We should really have these pages for philosophies: Equality.png egalitarianism, Col.png collectivism, Indiv.png collectivism, Utility.png utilitarianism, Hedonism.png hedonism, Nihil.png nihilism and Idealist.png idealism. All of these are somewhat common in politics and government, so they should be considered as pages.
      • I have previously talked with the owner of the philsophyball wiki and we basically said that we will not stop on eachothers shoes which putting these page on the wiki very much is that -Buni (talk) 19:38, 23 March 2023 (UTC)

    I just want to improve this wiki faster. I think that major variants that should be added are:

    • Kaczynskism as neoluddism school
    • Hobbesianism as Authcon school of thought
    • Russian White Movement as authcon regional
    • Schmittianism as authcon regional
    • Spenglerism as cultural nationalism regional
    • Post autonomism as autonomism school
    • Post situationism as situationism school
    • Goldmanism as ego communism
    • Burkean conservatism as conlib regional
    • Churchillism as conlib regional
    • Washingtonism as classlib regional
    • Lockeanism as classlib school
    • Humeanism as conlib school
    • American Confederatism as confederalism regional
    • Donovanian and Nilssonian anfash as sub ideologies
    • Three represents as dengism variant
    • Aristotelianism as athenian democracy school
    • Platonism as noocracy school
    • Apartheid as white nationalism regional
    • Siege as white nationalism regional
    • Sansepolcrismo as fascism school
    • Manifest destiny as imperialism regional
    • Lebensraum as imperialism regional
    • Fitzhughism as reactionarism regional
    • McCarthyism as authcap regional
    • Kissingerism as neocon regional
    • Identitarianism as alt right regional
    • Spencerism as social darwinism school
    • Utopianism as utopian socialism school
    • Fourierism as utopian socialism school
    • Thatcherism as neoliberalism regional
    • Reaganism as neocon regional

    ect And finally, russian nihilism as separate page because it differs too much from modern annihil They all has some philosophical theory or historically important praxis. If this council thinks about them that's great.

      • We are already voting on: Post-Autonomism, McCarthyism, and Identitarianism and we have also been discussing: Hobbesianism, Post-Situationism, American Confederatism, Sansepolcrismo, and Fourierism aswell as having added a bunch more today to the list of variants -Buni (talk) 19:38, 23 March 2023 (UTC)

    • Ioist.png - Add the symbol of the Parti Populaire Français (PPF.png) as an alternate or the main design for french fascism.
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