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    Hello everyone Aycee here.
    This page is the User Proposals page in the section below you can propose changes to the wiki and the council will discuss and then if discussed enough will vote on the changes proposed. You can propose a few different kinds of changes:
    Alternate Designs, Compass Positions, Council Structure, Deletion of Pages, Design Changes, Disambiguation Pages, Integrations, Mergers, New Pages, Power Transfer (from the council to a user for the purpose of writing a page), Redirects, Renaming, Replacing, Templates, and Variants.
    I will answer proposals with the results and delete the proposal and the result 2 weeks after to keep the page clean.
    Other council members may also answer, so users know who is a council member and who isn't here is the updated list:

    Your Proposals

    Democratic Socialism is overused, many old "demsocs" could be better phrased as reformist Marxists and many modern "demsocs" could be better said to be left populists or ecosocialists. Democratic socialism isn't wrong for many (Corbyn, Die Linke and Bevan) however it feels way too broad and the pages I just mentioned (in particular Reformist Marxism and ecosocialism) are incredibly underused despite being relatively large ideologies compared to say anarcho communism which has had limited influence across the world, only really in specific areas. - Scottish Socialist, 22:43 GMT 21/05/23

    New pages: Directorialism aka directorial system, Adhocracy, Algocracy, Ultra-Jingoism
    New variants: Have African Communalism and Medieval Communalism as official variants of Communalism. Have Conquestalism as an official variant of Imperialism.
    Transfer pages: Transfer Paternalism, Isocracy, Syncretism, Antiquitism, Noveltism, Misanthropy, Antinatalism, Lange Model, Barterism, Geoconservatism, and Post-Right Anarchism pages from the PCBA wiki to this wiki.
    What do you think of this proposal?

    - XarTario (talk) 07:45, 9 May 2023 (UTC)

    It will be long and probably rejected but i live only once.

    • Rename Capitalist Transhumanism, Socialist Transhumanism and Libertarian Transhumanism into Techno-Capitalism, Techno-Socialism and Techno-Libertarianism, because transhumanism is mostly about body upgrading and enhancements, but techno-ideology name is more general. And rename monarcho-socialism into left-monarchism, monarcho capitalism into right-monarchism.
    • Upload pacifism, paternalism, terrorism, post civ anarchism, gun rights advocacy, laissez-faire, cartel crime, galacticism, individualism, collectivism, and maybe slavery (as opposite to abolitionism, variant of caste system isn't good idea at all) from anarchy wiki to main wiki.
    • Add some new variants

    (i just want to see something new on the wiki lmao)

    If I were to suggest a good potential ideology that could belong here, perhaps add "Libertatia Model" as a page, with it being noted as a proto-anarcho-communist somewhat similar to diggerism, while also being a hydrarcy, alongside other values such as being staunchly abolitionist, opposed to state-religion, etc. I also would think it could possibly be designated "fictional" as a sub-category due to its disputed origins, with the current consensus as of now (though obviously not without doubters) being that Libertatia is by some way or other a mythical place that never existed in reality. - AnAnonBoi123

    •   - I suggest changing the flag of Neo-Ottomanism from "Turkey flag with fez" to   AKP flag.
      • Not all Neo-Ottomanists are AKP tho
        • Exactly the point anon made (to be clear the flag should still be changed -Aycee Lovelace <3 (talk) 07:13, 6 June 2023 (UTC)

    • Am m - Please add Pagan Anarchism and Jainist Theocracy, also please fucking find a way to remove the visibility of images/links that exclusively link to another page via a template, it's so fucking annoying when I'm looking for what pages certain images link to
      • I'll contact inky about the second thing I will suggest the two ideologies to the council. -Aycee Lovelace <3 (talk) 07:13, 6 June 2023 (UTC)

    Is there any possibility for Conspiracy Theorism to be added?

    My proposal is, that there should be only 5 theocracy pages for major world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. All other should go to anarchy wiki. Eventually catholic one may stay for representing Vatican's politics. I propose to delete Islamic Anarchism out of the wiki; it's virtually a fictional ideology --Fsclander256 (talk) 13:16, 6 June 2023 (UTC)  -I propose to delete   icon there is already a Turkey polandball.   Person #16384 - Religious Rejectionism should be renamed to Religious Apoliticism, as the former has a VERY misleading title. The title implies the ideology is about rejecting religion instead of rejecting politics BECAUSE of religion.

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