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    Radical Apoliticism, also called Anti-Politicism is a centrist ideology and is the radical version of apoliticism. He HATES politics and wants to force everyone else to abandon them. This ideology is practised by FANDOM who kicked anything related to polcompball/polandball out due to their hate of politics.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Radical Apoliticism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. (Optional) Add lines over the head to indicate balding
    3. Draw a black (#000000) circle with a line through it
    4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0

    Behavior and Personality

    Radical Apolitical is extremely violent and erratic and will stop at nothing to eradicate politicians. He is always mumbling about a "Politicide" similar to a Antcent.png Centricide but with the aim of eradicating all politicians. Hates everyone with an opinion. He is very opinionated about hating anybody with an opinion. He probably hates himself.



    • Apolit.png Apoliticism - No opinion is the right opinion, but wait is that an opinion... You will be spared in the Politicide.
    • Relreject.png Religious Rejectionism - You shall also be spared in the Politicide.
    • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - You are opinionated about not caring, but at least you don't care.
    • Unconditional Accelerationism.png Unconditional Accelerationism - Accelerate the collapse of politics.
    • Horshu.png Horseshoe Centrism - Progressive, conservative, authoritarian, libertarian, nationalist, globalist, socialist, capitalist - such distinctions have no meaning to me. They all deserve one thing: DEATH!


    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Both of us want to see every politician dead, but for completely different reasons.
    • Anrad.png Anti-Radicalism - Kill all the radicals, but you don't want to kill the moderates sadly.
    • Centrist-yellow.png The other centrists - You guys are a little too opinionated about centrism, but still are fence-sitters which is good.
    • KimDaejung.png Kim Dae-Jung Thought - I liked you when you said that you will retire from politics until you stabbed me in the back and became president.
    • Soul.png Soulism - Politicized weirdo, but he is an escapist. At least he is not organizing anything - just sleeping and imagining his own utopia. I leave him alone because he is already useless.
    • Contrarianism-Icon.png Contrarianism - We're similar in many ways, but you're more focused on being against the status quo than against politics itself.


    • Literally everyone else - Every opinion I shall erase, every polcompball shall I grill. There will be no praxis, no ideology, no theory, and no politics - only apathy and grilling shall remain.



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