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    This page is composed of six main parts. All parts follow the same general format, that is they include a list of parties, organizations, or movements. The movements/parties/organizations have either an icon that represents their general ideology, or a unique icon just to represent them. The names of movements/parties/organizations link to a Wiki page of the ideologyball that most closely represents their ideology.


    This list is broken down into subpages to avoid extreme length. links link to a list of social movements, both active and historical.

    Active Movements

    Historical Movements

    Political Parties

    This list is broken down into subpages to avoid extreme length. The following links link to subpages which list the political parties in each respective country.






     Antigua and Barbuda
















     Bosnia and Herzegovina





     Burkina Faso


     Cabo Verde




     Central African Republic






     Costa Rica




     Czech Republic

     Democratic Republic of the Congo




     Dominican Republic

     East Timor



     El Salvador

     Equatorial Guinea






























     Ivory Coast






































     New Zealand




     North Korea

     North Macedonia






     Papua New Guinea







     Republic of the Congo




     Saint Kitts and Nevis

     Saint Lucia

     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


     San Marino

     São Tomé and Príncipe

     Saudi Arabia




     Sierra Leone




     Solomon Islands


     South Africa

     South Korea

     South Sudan


     Sri Lanka











     Trinidad and Tobago









     United Kingdom

     United States of America  


     Vatican City






    Unrecognized States/Rebel-held territories




     Northern Cyprus



     Republika Srpska


     South Ossetia



     Western Sahara

    Governments in Exile




    North America

    South America

    Militant and/or Criminal Groups

    This list is broken down into subpages to avoid extreme length. The following links link to subpages which list various militant groups, terrorist organizations, criminal groups, gangs, etc. in each respective continent. [1]




    North America

    South America


    Religious Organizations and Cults

    See also:   Cultism
    The following is a list of religious organizations and/or cults.[2]


    Regional Entities



    Central America and Caribbean



    South America



    Sep.png Separatist Movements

    Main article: Separatism

    The following is a list of separatist movements in the countries listed below. The links link to the ideology which is most associated with the respective separatist movement.

    Separatist Movements


    This is a list of fictional media hand-picked by the mods for being genre-defining works of political fiction because of their commentary on politics or philosophy, introducing something new to the political fiction genre (BioShock, Deus Ex, Fallout, 1984, Brave New World or The Purge), or for being incredibly important to PCB culture (Centricide).

    If you want any other piece of media added go to The anarchy wiki media list.

    Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

      Video Games




      Movies and TV

      YT series


    1. The organisations are organised based on the area they were founded
    2. The following are the manifestation of each church's religion as a socio-political system. Not all members of these churches advocate for such systems.
    3. J.O.S. incorporates also incorporates elements of  , Esoteric Nazism   Paganism and  UFOlogy
    4. Has a parody of Ayn Rand
    5. Has analysis of a futuristic capitalist society
    6. The plot of the game includes an organization which tries to control the world and has a virus which was created by conspiracist world government to depopulate the world.
    7. Disco Elysium has an analysis of capital and the conflict between the different factions on how to resist capital.
    8. Games from Fallout franchise are set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.
    9. The best-known fictional sub ideology in the game is the Burgundian System - an interpretation of Himmler's ideas.
    10. The main character of the game is a soldier who fights against a military organization called Foxhound. In the Revengeance spin-off the player must fight against robots and cyborgs.
    11. The main country in the game, Arstotzka is ideologically close to National Communism.
    12. Parody of Marxism-Leninism seen by Libertarian/Democratic Socialist
    13. Blade Runner is set in world where are genetically created humans used in extraterrestrial colonies. Officers called blade runners must catch them. The book and the movie focus on globalization, overpopulation and genetic modification.
    14. Islam had a huge influence on the world building of dune
    15. In Fahrenheit 451 USA all books and reading is banned.
    16. Is set in a city full of corruption and organized crime, and one vigilante who combated them with advanced technology.
    17. Has a strong anti-colonial message
    18. The movie is set in a world where people are forced to consume a substance that wipes out all emotions. The movie was strongly inspired by 1984.
    19. Mad Max is set on post apo world, where a policeman is in conflict with gangs of criminals.
    20. It's about a group of hackers who attack a big corporation.
    21. Making fun of feudalism as a system through the incompetence of the king and making fun of anarcho-syndicalism through referencing it and making fun of how overly bureaucratic it is
    22. The main characters are citizens of the United Federation of Planets. Its political system is a federal republic.
    23. In The Purge movie, the government sets 12 hours, during which all citizens of USA can commit crimes, including murder and torture.
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